Santa, Unicorns, Shamu

“Um, the question is ‘What do not [redacted]?’ Alec”

EXACTLY! I don’t think there are any impressionable children who read this blog (please, no), but still, I can’t type out the question but you KNOW what I mean. Yes, you do.

And how did I find out about this? Well, the first two belong in the land of childhood minor trauma but I felt the same way at age 28 when I realized that Shamu is a STAGEname for all killer whales at SeaWorld and that the original Shamu died in 1971. Unreal! I thought something was up when they were throwing the name Shamu around rather generically with the 3 killer whales were performing tricks. I mean, I know they know their animals but why would Shamu be doing everything while the other two slackers float around and eat fish again? So, I Wikipedia’d it during the show (I know!) and found out the truth. While sitting in the “Splash Zone” because I live on the wild side, yes I do!

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  1. Now I am no longer living in a fantasy world. I too thought that Shamu was still around. How are we supposed to know how long killer whales live? Sucks! Thanks for making me grow up.

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