Week in Review

The rest of the week was pretty awesome.  On Tuesday, I met up with a few friends (+1 new friend) in La Jolla to celebrate two birthdays.  We met at WHISKNLADLE first for drinks.  I like the bar there but it’s not that conducive to groups over three.  We were five and interested in eating but since it was Restaurant Week and WL is pretty popular, we were out of luck there.  I quickly brought up opentable.com on my phone and found that Herringbone had availability.

I was so excited!  I had seen the restaurant after book club and thought it was the cutest place, even though I had no idea what it was.  It looks like a little cottage with trees inside.  I feel like a bit of an idiot admitting this but I love the idea of magical realism.  Trees inside, gothic decor- it just provides the coolest ambience.  And I got to go there shortly after noticing it!  Awesome!

We sat in the back- the restaurant was much bigger than I realized.  We had a great view of the glassed-in kitchen and the bar.  I had the risotto balls (good but nothing crazy special) and an excellent seared albacore with an incredible cauliflower sauté with capers, raisons and just so full of flavor.  It complemented the fish perfectly and I loved it.  Then, Amy and Casey got special birthday treat plates which was cute and a really nice touch.  Happy Birthday was written on the plates with a  hazelnut frosting.  It was a nice way to make the birthday girls feel special.

Wednesday, I slept through the night.  Thursday was a Mercy reunion at Craft & Commerce.  I ended up talking to people at the bar for awhile b/c I thought my friends weren’t there but surprise!  They were just hiding behind a wall (there are lots of partitions in the restaurant).  I had a great time catching up- I still feel so awesome that there were such a great group of people out on the Mercy this Summer.  Definitely people I want to continue to stay in touch with.

Last night I felt a little depleted so I stayed in, started organizing my bags of crap I moved into my place and just kind of recharged for the weekend.  I’m on call.  Today, I’m going to Pilates, getting my brows done and getting a mani-pedi with Cat and Edna.  After that mini-spa like morning, I’m going to TRY and finish moving out of the Cardiff home.  At the very least, make a good-size dent so that tomorrow will just consist of a carload or two.  Sunday will be a long run with the book club girls and finish organizing.

I also reserved the rooftop for Greg’s and my wetting down Oct 20.  I need to figure out what to do in regards to food b/c I can’t cater without paying a fee or using the restaurant downstairs.  Thinking cap…on!

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