Week in Review

This past week was crazy!  I wasn’t on call and I did so many fun things.  I don’t think I can sustain the pace on other non-call weeks but I had such a good time!  And I don’t say, “I was so busy!” in a whiny way- it was great to have so many things to do.  But it was pretty packed.

Last Sunday, I went to the Art Walk by the Bay and Mission Brewery with Brooke and Cat.  The day was gorgeous and there was some pretty amazing art work.  Once we were done strolling, we headed over to the Mission Brewery for a quick beer.  Afterwards, I headed to Zen’s house for a Chinese food feast cooked by her Mom.  It was delicious.   After hanging out on their deck for awhile, I headed home.

Monday, I went to El Camino for dinner, drinks and air hockey (!).  Wednesday was a quick stop-by the Whistlestop for Michelle’s birthday.  Then, the weekend came!  Friday, I went to Station briefly to hang out with the residents, although I mostly talked to Beth and Erin.  Then, I headed to a friend’s place in Little Italy/Marina Village for a Mexican fiesta-themed birthday party with delicious carne asada tacos and strong drinks.  I felt like a little bit of an asshole since I introduced myself to people I actually knew from work but I usually only see their eyes.  They are all anesthesia folks so between the hat and mask, there isn’t much I see in the OR and besides, everyone looks different in regular clothes!

I walked home that night and the next morning, biked to my car.  I went to Joe’s garage sale where I sold a mirror (holla!), drank mimosas, watched college football and ate pizza.  Then, several of us went to the mall and I got an awesome shirt and shoes on sale at Anthro and a dress from Urban Outfitters.  Next, we went to the beach and I surfed.  After all of that, I was le tired so I went home to take a nap.  Brooke and I went out to the Linkery for a quick bite and then to The Office for dancing.  We had delicious drinks, including a tequila shot with the bartender and a round of drinks on him.  The music was great and we had the best time.

Sunday morning, I woke up way too early.  I went to Cafe Calabria and the Mission for much needed coffee and brunch.  Then I went SCUBA diving for the first time in 5 years!  It was so much fun!  I saw live sand dollars, a sea anemone, a starfish and an octopus.  So awesome!  I was overweighted but at least I know for next time.  Afterwards, I moved my last carload from Cardiff, put most of it in storage and now…I’m done!  Moved out of Cardiff!  It’s bittersweet but I am SO HAPPY in my new place that good feelings are the overriding emotion.

Finally, I headed over to Cat and Gary’s for game night which was fun but we played a Spy game that involved lots of lying.  I don’t like lying to my friends- a nice dose of honest cheating 😉 yes, but lying…it hurts my circle of trust!

Ok, time to go to work.  And detox.

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