Week in Review

When my blog becomes rich and famous (read: never), I will have to work on my titles.  Currently, that’s a weak spot!

This week was way more mellow than last week, which was a nice balance.  I was on call, which has continued to be blissfully quiet (jinx!).  Keller came over on Tuesday and fixed my brakes and chain on my Dahon.  It was a pretty simple repair but I was glad to watch rather than make my bike explode.  It even gave me confidence to change my tube last night which went pretty well.  Today, I’m going to de-rustify my road bike and Google how to grease the chain.  I know, so simple for most but I really know next to nothing about bikes.

On Wednesday, I went to GROUPLOVE with Sean (b-day boy!), Tawnne and Jenny.  The band was terrific as was their opener, Alt-J.  My favorite song by GL is “Lovely Cup”, although this is closely followed by “Naked Kids” and “Chloe.”  Alt-J is a super-mellow band with a driving bass/organ sound that is pretty awesome.  “Fitzpleasure” is my favorite song.  Both bands were great live!  Alt-J was pretty mellow with a set most everyone sat through.  Which is fine, but the GL set was so high-energy. Everyone was on their feet and at the end, the band invited everyone up to the front which led to an even more exciting vibe!

Thursday, I hung out here at the apartment, watched the sunset on the roof and made a delicious grilled cheese.  Bryon keeps bringing home sourdough bread from Bali Hai.  The bread is amazing although I’m trying to limit how much I eat so I don’t turn into a puff-puff.  This does not seem to affect MMM though, who eats bread all day long and is quite thin (hate).  Maybe because he alternates with pasta and beer…hmmm, still wouldn’t work for me.

This weekend has been super-mellow compared to last.  Friday, the residents went out with Bitter Bach to Tiger!Tiger! which was awesome.  Chris, Shelb-o and I hung out for awhile afterwards, which was pretty cool.  Saturday was the South Park Walkabout with Beth and her friend Melissa.  Yesterday, I went on a hike/run with Liz, Steffani, Janelle and Laura followed by Barry’s Bootcamp a few hours later.  I felt badly because there was a rather large woman in there who just couldn’t hang.  And although I really like the instructor in that class, he did NOT do much to help her out.  So, she left.  I felt badly though because yesterday’s class was pretty ridiculous with how fit people were.  I’m usually the fastest woman and yesterday, I was off by at least 1 mph.  Last evening, I watched the Chargers game at North Park Tavern and True North.  In between, I stopped at the wig shop and bought my bright red wig for Halloween.  Yay!

Today, is a holiday.  I’m going to finish up with my room, write a first draft of a paper, work out, make cookies (check!) and a few other errands.  Oh, room, why are so easily mused?

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