Best/Worst: Christmas Songs

Shout out to Elisabeth for the idea!


This is the most amazing song. It combines Christmas, The Killers, and clever lyrics. What other song uses the word “anthracite?” Also, double bonus, Brandon Flowers IS WEARING THE SAME CHRISTMAS SWEATER THAT I HAVE?!?!?! Love, love, love!

This a total flashback to college when my friend Karen from New Jersey introduced me to this song. It’s not the best, but a flashback to a fun time and fun person in my life!

A little on the sad side, but I love it so!

A fun song. I really like the Christmas song sub-genre that spreads Christmas cheer in non-traditional (aka, non-snowy) environments since I’ve spent several Christmases in California and in other countries.

Another nostalgia winner! We watched this TV special a lot when I was a kid. I have tried to learn how to play it, but it’s a challenge. My Mom can play it though!


Ok, ok, there really aren’t many “worst” Christmas songs but I will play along.

The Grinch! He’s the worst! (But I actually like the song!)

Ok, this song does make me want to stab myself in the eyeball rather than hear it the whole way through.

Problematic lyrics and sung by She and Him. This is a pointlessly catty comment, but I’m not the biggest fan of Zooey Deschanel’s voice. Like, I can hear in her voice how awesome she thinks her voice is. So smug! And so silly on my part.

Only because I heard so many tortured versions. But this soprano has a beautiful voice so in this case, worth a listen.

It’s so bad, it’s good. I actually kind of love this song and wanted to end on a positive note. Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Best/Worst: Christmas Songs”

  1. I’ve never heard Joel the lump of coal…not sure why a kid would be happy with a diamond, but I loved that he saw through Santa’s BS attitude. Love the Peanuts song.

  2. I know we talked about it in the comments on my post, but Fairytale of New York is such a stunning song. I’m happy to see you talk about it here, too!

  3. The Lump of Coal one is GREAT. I’d never heard of it and just added it to my new Christmas 2022 Spotify playlist.

    You know how I feel about Last Christmas!

    You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch brings back SO many memories. We still watch the animated show each Christmas, but I feel like my kids are kind of “over” it and that’s making me sad. Sigh.

    I know exactly what you mean about Zooey Deschanel’s voice; some of her Christmas songs are great…but others are a bit of a slog for exactly the reason you mention.

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