Moving Day(s)

Garage at our new place

After several months of back-and-forth on what to do (rent vs buy), SMS and I have moved to a brand-new rental apartment. It’s very freeing to have made a decision and it makes me feel a little more established in my post-Navy, mid-career transition life. I’m also excited to have my stuff but before I get ahead of myself…

After a few weeks of back-and-forth with the leasing office, SMS and I signed a lease for a top-floor, 2B/2B apartment. It’s a beautiful, brand-new place and though the staff is slightly disorganized, we were able to get most things sorted out. Enough that we felt comfortable signing the lease, so that was a great relief.

Move Supervisor

We moved out of the old apartment last weekend. We were completely out, cleaned, and inspected by late Sunday afternoon and it felt great. The cleaning is always a chore. The deep clean stuff that I always put off until the move? Yes, we had some of that. I have a half-hearted resolution to deep clean the stovetop every 2 months or so. And by “or so,” I mean the next time we move. We do wipe the crumbs up- we’re not savages. But over time, the burners get a little grimy and that’s the part that neither one of us are that great at noticing/caring.

Also, the hero of the move was the little dolly that we borrowed from our old place’s property manager. OMG. Total lifesaver. Runner-up with the bellhop style trolley at our new place.

The anti-hero of the move was the cargo van. Even though I felt indestructible driving it, I wish I had ordered the small truck instead so we could have done one trip instead of three. We didn’t have a lot of furniture, but the loading was a little awkward due to the wheel wells. I did like the back up camera, which I didn’t notice until 2/3 of the way through the move.

There was one tragic accident among the houseplants.

So, yes, the old apartment was cleaned out and all the stuff was in our new apartment. It was a little cluttered and messy, but the impending wave of doom was looming.

Yes, the delivery of my household goods shipment. I knew it would be a lot to fit in the apartment and this was 100% correct. Our movers were great- really nice, efficient, careful, and down-to-earth. We also got lucky in that they came relatively early, which meant they were done by 2:30. This was great because we had scheduled a flight to San Diego that evening for Christmas weekend.

So, yes, a Christmas weekend away in beautiful San Diego. This will be followed by a short workweek and significant dedication to decluttering and organizing the apartment. I have a (terrible) idea for decluttering- give SMS and I ten minutes each to throw out as much of the other person’s stuff as possible. I came up with this since it’s so easy to identify what is “extra” among the other person’s stuff while it’s so difficult to part with “memories” of my own. Don’t worry- we’re not actually going to do that. But it is a viable alternative to the “just burn the rest” mindset I usually reach at some point in the packing/unpacking process.

4 thoughts on “Moving Day(s)”

  1. “Just burn the rest” – hahaha!

    Moving is such an exhausting experience, but it sounds like you found some great tools (that dolly looks amazing) and I hope you enjoy the fun of settling into a new place, while also carving out some practical ways to declutter that leaves everyone satisfied <3

    Hope the trip to San Diego is amazing. Enjoy the Christmas break!!

  2. All the best settling into your new place!
    My hubby would never agree to me throwing out his stuff. I usually end up packing up his things I sort out in boxes in case he wants them back. If no requests emerge after 2 years I may throw things out if I am brave – but you do need the space for that…

    1. Oh, yeah, SMS would never let me throw away his things and I wouldn’t want him to throw away mine. It was mostly a joke *but* it would be an efficient way to declutter since I think both of us would be pretty savage.

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