Dawning realization…

So, there I was, blathering on during a conversation when I had the most peculiar, slightly horrible feeling of “Oh my gosh, what I am talking about is completely not what I thought I was talking about.”

Has this ever happened to you? It was the most bizarre mental progression ever. I don’t think it has ever happened to me because it was so unsettling, I’m sure I’d remember.

Wait, what? More details you say? Alright, but for such a weird feeling, it was a rather mundane conversation. Because I was talking to a friend at a dinner party that Kelly and I were hosting and we were talking about the variations on carnitas. I have always made more of a Cuban style dish, while my friend has had the Mexican version in a green sauce. (The green sauce is another mystery. He says it’s not tomatillos, so I am perplexed). So, I was talking about how I made the pork with tamarind when I started getting this foreboding sense of impending doom because I realized, “I did not use tamarind, I used tahini.” COMPLETELY different. Tart fruit pulp derivative, meet sesame paste. Sesame paste, meet tart fruit pulp. Crazy!!!

I think I was flustered because I realized this significant change about 5 minutes before dinner for 8 was about to be served. Now is this on the level of, oh, say, who to vote for? Almost. Just kidding! Of course not. But it was pretty strange.

Fortunately, all unsettledness ended at the end of the meal when we had Breyer’s vanilla ice cream with Goya Dolche de Leche. Hooray for comforting desserts!

But, yes, Kelly and I had a dinner party, which was awesome. No movie night unfortunately since one of the guests had a kid and HELLO CHILDLESS PEOPLE, it’s a school night (duh). But everyone had a really nice time and I’m so happy I am meeting awesome people in San Diego. I’m even going knitting in two weeks. Fun!

Today was my command orientation. Yes, two months later, it’s time for me to figure out what’s going on. But actually, it’s a lesson in customer service and patient relations. Now, yay for empathy, patient care, and doing the right thing. I feel I do that reasonably well and fairly often. But what I cannot stand is a Steven Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” lovefest, with lots of buzzwords and Powerpoint mindlessness. But, it was mercifully short, I got to help in clinic, and I got *thismuchcloser* to my Rhode Island/Martha’s Vineyard vacation! Yay! I leave Wednesday, hooray!

New haircut!

Warning: Other titles could include, “How I spent my most exciting Saturday” or “New reasons why I may be confused with a wild and crazy old lady.”

But yes! I did get a new haircut. I drove up to Poway and got a great haircut from M, a fellow resident’s wife. She is awesome! I love the haircut plus I got a 20% discount for being a first customer PLUS I had a mimosa while my hair was blow-dried. Most excellent. I am definitely heading back. You know, in a few months.

I also went for a run as a break from some work since, yes, I also spent a little time at the hospital. I wasn’t entirely on my game today. I’ve been running with my chiefie (resident, not CPO type) and today I was definitely a little more sluggish than I’d like to be. But it’s ok- good runs and bad runs, you know? And it wasn’t terrible, just not great.

Oh, and guess what? I went to bed at 6:30 last night. I had spent the prior night reading and only had 3 hours of sleep so I gave up trying to stay awake until a normal bedtime so I decided to take a nap. I didn’t hear my phone and I woke up at 4 a.m. I was out! And it felt great. Although I still have a little bit of a sleep deprivation hangover (see: poor run, above).

Lunch Lady Land!

Lychee, plain yogurt! Lychee, plain yogurt. Navy bean, navy bean!

Hmmm, rip-offs of Adam Sandler “Lunch Lady” songs do not work so well when typed out but in my head? It sounds awesome.

So, over the last 20 minutes, I have INHALED a delicious amount of plain/lychee swirl from the local fro-yo shop. It is amazingly delicious. And I even had some gummy bears and mochi. Delicious! Even though I am slightly mad at a vegetarian friend who indirectly reminded me that it all comes from horses. GROSS!

I looked like my usual cosmopolitan, sophisticated self when I asked the lady, “Is it lee-chee or lee-key?” She said, “It’s lie-chee.” Awesome. Yet another word I have completely butchered the pronunciation. It’s like a curse, really. My pronunciation is HORRIBLE. I know a lot of words from reading and when I pronounce them, guaranteed, I pronounce it incorrectly. It’s a little embarrassing. What good is it to know a lot of fancy-pants big doctor words if I sound like a complete ignoramus when I use them. It makes me sound like a person who would, say for example, make the screen turn to black consistently when trying to view CT scans during pre-op conferences. What, wait, that’s me too? *Sigh* I can’t get away with anything! You’re the sharpest pencil, yes you are!

But, regardless of the pronunciation, the yogurt was delicious. Now, I’m going to read a few articles before heading to bed. I’m on call again and hopefully I won’t have any calls but that’s doubtful. Either way, it’s ok because I had an awesome nap for about an hour this evening. I felt quite tired today because even though I can swing it with reduced sleep, multiple days in a row is quite wearing. I’ll catch up tomorrow for sure.

Street fair!

I love street fairs! The music, the vendors, the people and most of all, the perfect excuse for a funnel cake! This weekend is the Normal Heights Adams Avenue Music Festival. I went yesterday and heard some great bands. I highly recommend Sara Pettite, whom you can find on iTunes. The only problem is that she sounds WAY better live. Still, I bought “Coming Home” and “Little House” and both are excellent. I also had some delicious teriyaki meat bowl and yes, a funnel cake STRAIGHT out of the fryer.

Friday, I had drinks at the Hotel Del. It’s such a sweet place and had some great music but the scene was a little skeevy. There was a business party that let out and people were in the bar looking for only one thing. Well, one thing and drinks but the drinks seemed easier to procure since most people were bombed out of their minds. I was at a small table with a group so we were insulated from it with the exception of the people who have voice immodulation disorder. But it was fine- I definitely wasn’t expecting a bar to be as quiet as a library. I had a great time and it was a beautiful night.

Today is catch up on work day, which always guarantees a procrastinating blog entry or two. I’m also going to check out St. Brigid’s church in PB. I met a few people who go there at Ken’s wedding and it seems to have a really active, fun young adult scene. I’ve always thought it would be pretty cool to be part of an active Church community. I see some patients from time to time who really seem to draw strength and great friendships from their spiritual life. Also, my life can be so insular and work-focused, it’s nice to have my attention turned to something ever-so-slightly larger than myself. So that’s at 5:30 so I can get two chapter’s of Bailey’s (ENT textbook) done, right? I think so as long as I say, “Silence bed! No nap for you!”


I love the Farmer’s Market. L-O-V-E! I would take lots of pictures and post them, but I can’t get over my hesitation at being the creepy solo photographer with a point-and-click going around the market and invading people’s private lives. I certainly don’t like being the random background stranger, so why would anyone else? Of course, sometimes it can’t be helped and sometimes I blatantly disregard that courtesy for the sake of pure visual awesomeness. Example: the photo ostensibly of me but really taken for the purpose of documenting the sight of the Japanese policeman in a lovely lilac head-to-toe rain suit although in the picture it comes out as powder blue, which for some reason is a slightly less funny color.

ANYWAY, the point of this post was to lament the loss of $10 of wild (but safe!) mushrooms that I was going to make into a delicious mushroom soup as soon as I could find the appropriate recipe. During that time interval, the mushrooms decided to embrace their fungi-hood, add a few species of mold on top of that and turn into an unappetizing, softened mess of yuck. Boo! I still have to get used to the fact that it’s just me that I’m buying and cooking food for and it’s a fine line between wanting to stock up on food so I don’t have to go to the store frequently and buying too much and watching it go to waste. It was so much fun in Japan because the markets were so cool to walk through and were located in the train station by my house. And even if I got off at the closest stop without any markets, I could stop into a mini-mart and pick up a pre-made dish that was delicious and inexpensive, which is definitely a benefit of a noodle-heavy cuisine. I also am still under the illusion that I have lots of time to cook, even though I keep getting home between 7-9 at night most days of the week. But my weekends, with the exception of call, are blissfully free. For example, free to find moldy gross mushrooms on the counter. Oh well, better than the fruit-fly infested peaches I found on Tuesday!