Kanji still haunts me!

Ok, so I really want to continue my blog (BTW, Hello! It’s been awhile, no?) but my profile is still in Japanese when I try to edit posts, settings, etc. This is very problematic since I can’t read Japanese! So I’m going to try and figure out how to change the language setting.

But for now…I’m in San Diego! I arrived yesterday, picked up my car Bluey, moved off the ship (heinous), moved into my new place. I will write more later but I’m just trying to figure out if I should pack it in and just start a new blog or call a help line. Does Blogger have a help line? I will let you know!

Kanji haunts me!

Argh! I’m in a U.S. territory and my blogger account still comes up in Japanese lettering. What to dooooo???!?!?!!?!?! I certainly don’t know enough to change it. Boo!

So, guess where I am right now? If you said, “Mmmmm, not Hawaii?” I would say bad words followed by “You are correct!” The past two weeks have been a roller coaster of rumors and irritations as the Kitty Hawk has to continue forward since the GW is a burnt little husk of a boat right now. Here’s a breakdown-

Kitty Hawk: Summer o’ fun: CANCELLED, Summer of long exercises: Game on!

GW: Pierside in SD, collecting COLA and working duty section only

Who’s the winner? I will let you take this vague sporty metaphor and draw your own conclusions.

HOWEVER. I am slightly winner-y in that it looks good that I will start my residency sometime in August. While this is less than ideal, it’s definitely better than September and definitely better than being bumped for a year. That would have made me very sad.

And, to answer the question as to where I am, I’m in Guam! In the Santa Fe hotel. Who needs 8 days in Hawaii when you can have 3.5 in Guam? That’s like a showcase showdown prize you would TOTALLY pass on. But at least you’re still in the Showcase Showdown, right?

I went to a Hail and Bail yesterday, which was fun and today I’m just chilling out. Maybe I’ll finally get my haircut after wanting to do so for the last 2 months. Whoa! Slow down speedracer of excitement! And Thursday I’m meeting up with a bunch of people to go see the Indiana Jones movie. I will let you know my personal opinion of how Harrison Ford has aged. Until then!


And…I’m outta here! It’s been an awesome, less-than-a-year in Japan but I’m so excited for what lies ahead. Although I’ll probably scoff at those words in a few months once I’m fully immersed in the bleariness of residency sleep deprivation. Things are newly up in the air (of course) after a fire on the G-Dub, but there’s no sense in worrying about things now. It’ll take a week before any real news comes through about how the KH may be affected. So, I don’t even have my fingers crossed right now because in the grand scheme of things, my lil’ residency plans are pretty puny on the importance scale. I mean, except to me, but it’s only on my blog that I’m the star of the show!

I wrapped up my time in Japan with a duty day, followed by a trip to Nikko and Tokyo. Yesterday was a crazy busy day, but I have now crossed off everything I wanted to do in Japan. After all, I even got to eat at Pepper Lunch, under the JR train tracks in Shibuya! It’s a punch-button menu place where you hand in your ticket and get a plate of whatever raw beef you ordered that cooks in about 30 seconds flat in the hottest cast iron skillet known to man.

Thanks for reading. I’m planning on continuing my writing because it’s a nice little outlet. If I become too boring during residency, please let me know. Then I’ll start making stuff up!

Sayonara minus 2

Good-bye Yokohama! I finished cleaning the apartment yesterday. I paid the final bills between 1300-1500, then met with the agent and landlord rep at 3 o’clock. The timeliness of it all was amazing. I love the narrow time frames- forget the “morning” or “afternoon” options you get in the States! Not that I am a States hata’ after this brief Japan interlude. There are just a lot of things I appreciate and/or will miss. But I’m on my way to residency, which in a way is where I’ve wanted to be all along.

After the apartment close-out frenzy, I went to Kamakura and bought some more beautiful things at the paper shop, continuing my trend of using the KH as my own personal moving van. Tomorrow I have off and I’m planning on going to Nikko. I would love to see it in the sunlight as opposed to the mist I saw it in with Mom. Although it was beautiful then, I think the gold leaf in the sunlight will be amazing. So, fingers crossed! Or I could just check the weather report.

Packout complete!

So, what do I do? I go to the Loft, the best store around, and pick up a few last minutes things that I’ve always wanted. Nice! Fill the house as soon as it’s emptied. Other than the Godzilla sized dust bunnies. The movers left those behind, curses! But it’s ok. I have lots of storage room on the ship *huge eyeroll*. At least I bought my coolest!bike!ever! prior to the packout. I love Japanese bicycles and now I own one. I am the kewlest!

I definitely cashed in my moving karma this a.m. so I better work on banking some up. The movers showed up at 0758 and the appliance guys arrived at 0858. So, by 11, I was done for the day (see: shopping note above). Best move ever! The two guys were pretty speedy and I tipped them so I think all my stuff should arrive. They won’t steal my Sponge Bob pinata or lifesize Elvis cutout as payment. Not that I think they would, but really, you can’t be too careful with such priceless items.

Among my purchases, I bought two “sake cups,” which are little glasses of sealed sake. There are the funniest pandas on them with very peculiar, doesn’t-seem-very-panda-more-anteater-but-then-again-I’ve-only-seen-pandas-from-afar-at-the-zoo snouts. Longest made up adjective string ever!

But have you ever bought something “cute” or carried something *super* necessary that became much less positively superlative the longer you carried it? Yeah, that was me and the panda cups. But I stuck it out. And now they’re in my empty apartment, save me, a bunch of trash I need to sort (gack! Japanese recycling laws, dame!), and my new purchases.

Pictures tomorrow. Indeedy. I love the surfing pics. And I will share with you. Only because you asked so nicely!