Christmas Time!

Small boat during the Parade of Lights

I love Christmas!  On Sunday, I answered a last minute text from Dave.  He was offering two tickets to the USS Midway to watch the Parade of Lights.  It was awesome and so much fun.  I took Evan, Tawnne’s kiddo and he was so cool.  Some of his comments and insights were awesome!  I should do borrow-a-kid more often!  Although I loved the Midway (I was on the biggest boat in the water, ha ha!), I definitely wouldn’t mind riding in the Parade of Lights since that would mean I knew a big baller who owned a yacht!

Sprekels Pavilion Christmas Living Tree

The day prior, I went to December Nights.  It was beautiful and I met up with two groups of friends, one on purpose and one accidentally.  The accidental one was awesome b/c it included Jenny and I was wearing the scarf she gave me.  Score for inadvertent thoughtfulness!


Also on Sunday, I went for a jog up in Cabrillo, had a grilled sword salad for lunch (the halibut sandwiches are SO much better, dumb diet!) and went to my sewing class where I made a pretty awesome apron.

EKA-3 on the Midway.  I thought I was being cute
and taking a picture to show Dad but in fact, it’s
even cooler b/c he flew a few hundred hours in this plane itself!

Monday, I had an AWESOME TMC fracture repair.  It was super displaced (case of Mr. Knee meeting Mr. Cheekbone while doing a flip on a trampoline) and I really had to york on it.  But guess who looks better than he did?  My patient!

The Killers and other fun!

The Giving Tree reference?  I think so.

I’m reading a delightful book.  That adjective will likely give you pause when you consider that the title is The End of Your Life Book Club, a memoir by Will Schwalbe. It documents the books read and conversations had with his mother while she received palliative treatment for terminal pancreatic cancer.  Mrs. Schwalbe is (present tense b/c of the book although she has since died) a vivacious, insightful, dynamic, intelligent woman who seems to have an unwavering commitment to beauty and transformation in her world, which ranges from her immediate family to international refugee issues.  I love reading all the anecdotes that reveal truth and resonate deeply, whether it’s from conversations or selected passages in the books.  It’s a marvelous book and I deeply recommend it.  

The Killers- they started with the lights up.
“Mr. Brightside”

So awesome!

 Last night, I went to Wrex the Halls, sponsored by 91X (local radio station).  It was awesome!  I went with Sean, Tawnne and Jenny.  We had great seats!  The headliners were The Killers who are so awesome!  I definitely have a mini-crush on Brandon Flowers.  I love his solo work and the band is also amazing.  Most of the songs were from Hot Fuss, but I really enjoyed the three new songs they played: “Here With Me,” “Miss Atomic Bomb” and “Runaways.”  I love the forlorn hope in his songs.  They tend to center on love and changes that happen to it over time or commitments/statements that things won’t change.  The songs are really beautiful while being totally rocking.  I also saw Tegan and Sara, whom I really liked.  My favorite songs  “Messed Up” and “I’m Not Your Hero” are from the upcoming album.  I’ve re-listened to them today on YouTube.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of Passion Pit.  Finally, I saw a French Band M83 who were mostly electronic.  New discovery (to me) that I liked but I won’t be downloading every song.

This week was pretty fun.  On Monday, I went to a sewing class and made the cutest bag!  I’ll see how I like the second class but maybe a sewing machine is in my future!  On Wednesday, I decided to have a spa night since I’m on call this weekend.  I went back to Va Va Varnish for a mani/pedi.  My pedicure is super cute although my mani is already chipped-chipped but it’s my fault.  I am rough on my hands.

My new bag- I made it myself!

I also got Dr. Laughlin back after he wired my office door shut and taped it up (separate incidents).  I stole his chair that he LOVES.  He, apparently, flipped out, dropped a bunch of F-bombs and tore apart his entire clinic trying to find the chair.  It wasn’t there though…

Ha, ha, jerkface!

Apparently now, there’s a truce.  Yeah, I believe that.  But his chair is back in his office.

Whole30 continues.  I’ve stuck with it even though I was tempted to throw it in when I bought some Winter Ales that are delicious from Telegraph Rd.  But I’m saving them for after even though I’m not planning on drinking a lot of beer after this.  Winter Ales are my favorite though.  I’ve also wanted a glass of wine twice.  There were also some delicious-looking sweet treats at work that were tempting (Oh, magic bars, I heart you!) but I stayed away.  What this diet is teaching me is that I need steady, maintained commitment to a diet if I want results.  Sometimes the days seem so long that 3-4 day stretches seem like enough and then I treat myself which is more appropriate for a maintenance mode, not weight-loss mode.  I’ve already lost approximately 5 pounds.  I was seriously obsessing about wanting to see scale results so that’s the one deviation from the plan.  I’d definitely say some of that is water weight but I do feel better in my clothes already.  And my hands look great!  I’ve started wearing gloves when I wash dishes but my knuckles are no longer chapped!  Yay!
Our speaker system in Thursday’s OR

I’m planning on continuing eating Whole30-lite after the month, apart from my HI vacation.  I haven’t decided if that means one treat a day (alcohol, sweet or bread), 2 drink events/week, a splurge day or some other variation.  I really plan to avoid wheat and baked goods though.  Oh well, plenty of time to decide!  Day 14 today!

Delightful December!

Whole30 is still going well.   I’ve gotten through my one non-call weekend pretty well so far and still managed to hang out with people at the office Christmas party and at one of our favorite bars.  Overall, it’s been pretty easy since I’ve committed to saying no to non-Whole30 treats.  Don’t get me wrong- the desserts looked AMAZING last night but I wasn’t even tempted.  A huge part of that was eating a nice, filling meal before I went.  Otherwise, I would have been in trouble.  I also brought my own seltzer water- grapefruit La Croix.

Friday, I went out to 30th on 30th, which is great since I’ve always wanted to go.  It was a little dampened (ha, ha!) b/c of the rain so I’ll go again when I can partake in good weather and all the food but I had fun with my friends.

Yesterday was an all-day airway course followed by the office Christmas party and a brief post-party stop at Imperial House where Rick Lyon was in excellent form.

Today, I’m going to Cabrillo for a long run, Encinitas for a sewing class via Groupon and getting a tree with my roomies.  It’s been a full weekend but I got a great night’s sleep last night so I feel wonderful.  I’m excited for the Redskins vs. Giants game tomorrow night too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, or at this point, Happy Fakesgiving!  I don’t usually reflect on the year at Thanksgiving (that’s usually a January and July thing for me), but I have so much to be thankful for and I’m so happy with where I am in my life.  I am so thankful for the love of my family and friends, my health, the fulfillment and education I get from my job and being on my own to pursue self-growth.  Granted, my personal life is in a markedly different place than where I thought I would be in a few short months ago but…here I am! And truly, I feel lucky, blessed and happy!

Thanksgiving Day was spent thinking about working out, cooking, rounding at work and heading over to Shelby and Zen’s for a fantastic feast!  Zen made a great turkey and the sides were provided in pot-luck style.  There were several cranberry sauces, Amy’s delicious corn pudding, sweet mashed potatoes and rolls.  I brought stuffing, mashed potatoes, KY bourbon sweet potatoes and some Julian pies.  We watched the Redskins-Cowboys game, which had a great 4th quarter and hung out.  Then I thought about working out again (ha, ha) and ended up going to bed early.

Today, Matt, Bryon and I had a Fakesgiving at the house.  We made the following-
Gravy (pan drippings stirred with a “roux” of flour and pan drippings, simmer until thick)
Cranberry Suace w/Ginger (minus the orange)
Mashed Potatoes (mashed with half-n-half, butter, sour cream)
KY Bourbon sweet potatoes but with a pecan praline crumble on top
Green Bean Casserole
Matt’s Pecan Pie

It was really fun to hang out with my roomies and everyone enjoyed the meal.  It was also amazing and tonight, I had my leftover sandwich on delicious sourdough!  Hooray!  All my Thanksgiving culinary check boxes complete!  Tomorrow, I start a diet- Thanksgiving was a great break/treat but I need to get ready for HI and be able to fit in my clothes!

Keeping It Real!

I had all these aspirations of blogging more often but…here I am, at my normal qweek interval.  It’s better than where I was previously though so slow, micro-improvements are ok!
On Tuesday evening, I had a blind date.  We met for wine at Wine Steals.  It was fine.  No real chemistry but he was nice enough.  More importantly, it was good for me to go on a date where it’s ok to acknowledge (not explicitly for heaven’s sakes, but you know) that there’s no chemistry despite the other person being very nice and probably not a serial killer.

On the 14th, I went to Trivia night with the Mercy crew.  Our team was S’Avant Garde and we were awesome.  5th place awesome, but still.  It was a ton of fun.  The categories were current events, Nicholas Cage, Tea, Deaf Culture, College Basketball and picture round.  This was my first trivia night ever and I’m so glad I went!

Winner!  (+ Golden Spoon!)

On the 15th, I had a banner day.  I won the chili cook off at work!  9 entrants and I am the W-I-N-N-E-R!  Hooray.  I made a bacon chipotle monstrosity.  I fully acknowledge that the bacon let me win.  Although several people liked the smokiness of the chipotle.  I was also a poor winner since I had to rub it in to all the haters and prior smack-talkers!  Since I had a new golden spoon, I could shake it vigorously!

That night, I made it a weekday spa night.  I got my hair done by the excellent Audrey at Gypsy Doll.  I was a little more courageous with the bangs and went for it.  They look awesome!  I also picked up a gold sequin dress that fits really well and was $20 (vintage)!  I then headed over to Va-Va-Varnish in East Village.  *LOVE!*  It was so clean and cute but even better, the products were awesome!  Nice polishes and the lotions felt great during and after!  I am definitely going back!

Friday, I went to Seven Grand, a pretty awesome whiskey bar in North Park.  I had grapefruit juice and soda since I was on call, but I got to hang out with Shelby, Zen, Robbie, Jenna and two of Jenna’s friends, one of whom acted single but…was not.  What a dirtbag.  Seriously, what is wrong with guys sometimes?  Although he was kind of strange, the rest of the group was awesome and we had a great time.  I also saw my cousin Jim, which was pretty random.

Korean BBQ, cooking

Saturday was packed in the afternoon evening.  I went to Manna Korean BBQ and karaoke for Ryon’s birthday, which was awesome and definitely an experience.  The I went to Station and WhistleStop.  Again no drinking but I had so much fun.  I like to drink, but it’s definitely not necessary.  The only thing I notice is that my nights tend to end a little earlier because I’m aware of getting sleepier and/or a tiny bit bored.

Manna Korean BBQ
More Korean BBQ, very pigglie wigglie!

Sunday was super mellow, as was Monday.  I did a pretty awesome mastoidectomy; actually, I did two!  So, that was a good day.  Last night, I went out to Barrio Star and had delicious margaritas, mini-tacos and tortilla soup.  DELICIOUS!  Tonight, I’m going back to trivia night.  I’m feeling like a winner!