Cookies in a Wok!

Every party that J and I had usually had a Mexican fiesta theme. It’s just so easy to make Mexican food in bulk and it was so tasty. Fajitas were popular, although my favorite was when I made fish tacos on one of my birthdays. Dee-licious! I think it was Emeril’s crème fraiche that took it to the next level. Bam! (Please note, I have only watched Emeril once. And not even a whole show. But I do recommend his fish taco recipe with accompanying sauces on

But you know what I took for granted? My oven. Yes, baker of cookies, roaster of meats, warmer of hors d’oeuvres, essential part of almost 80% of the recipes ever invented! “What,” you ask, “is in your Japanese kitchen since your whiny babiness is hinting that you don’t have an oven?”

“Well,” says I, ignoring the slightly snooty tone of my imaginary inquisitor, “I’m glad you asked. I have a fish broiler.”

A fish broiler is a shoebox-size broiler for fish that is just under my stove top range. I’m slightly afraid to use it not because I’m avoiding fish, but because it looks too tiny to clean. It also has a huge potential for a mess. I’m picturing charred fish skin and smoldering fish juice hardening on the bottom like a new level of fossilized rock.

Sue and I are hosting a Christmas party this Saturday at my apartment. It should be fun, but not having a car is testing my strategery skills at how to take things home in a way that will not cause my arms to break off from pain. This lesson was learned the hard way after I thought it would be awesome to transport a 12 piece pots-and-pans set from the Exchange to my house. Eleventy billion pounds later, I was having serious regrets. Although it is nice to have now.

So! Focus! What should I serve? So far, I have come up with meatballs and samosas. I’m also planning on cheese, crackers, fruit, hummus, pita, crudites. For dessert, Rice Krispie treats are doable but again, room in my little bag is precious and RKs are bulky. Snap! Krackle! Pop!

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  1. Seriously!? No oven.. you must be dying!! I think you should make dessert pizza cause it sounds like you have a toaster oven type thingy 🙂 When are you coming back? So much to talk about!! I'm going to Bahrain next year… fun fun!

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