My nostrils are crooked!

[Update 1/1/2020: Far and away, this post is the one that gets the most hits from direct search queries.  Since I am now an experienced ENT surgeon (although this is not medical advice), do not worry about crooked nostrils!  Most people have slight asymmetry to their faces.  Specifics on nostril-shape: a deviated septum or flared medial lower lateral crura can cause differences in nostril-shape.  Surgical correction is likely to help but unlikely to create complete symmetry.  Also, if you have a wide nasal base and want your nostrils made smaller, be aware that it is hard for the nose to look normal after Weir incisions- scarring that I’ve seen is fairly obvious since surgical alteration of the alar groove tends to give a “stuck-on” appearance to the nose.]

Have you ever thought that people notice the weirdest things? I was thinking about facial symmetry the other day. Although you would think one side of the face should be a mirror image of the other, it’s often not. Sometimes it’s due to acquired life experiences- a scar here or there, for example. But a lot of the times, it’s just the way a person’s face is. I’ve seen pictures before where true mirror images of a person’s side of the face is copied to the other and it is really interesting. Some people look way different, usually in terms of how their countenance appears.

This thought comes up every so often because I frequently think of a plastic surgery patient who came to follow-up and was very upset that her nostils were asymmetrical. Qu-est que c’est? Who thinks about that? Well, my sister for one. Ask her about what she thinks about Rosario Dawson’s nostrils. Something vaguely bothered my sister while she was watching a movie featuring R.D. and at the end, thanks to an illuminating camera angle, my sis realized that it was RD’s freakishly large nostrils.

Discuss amongst yourselves. Next up in vague Mike Myer’s line references: “Head” in So I Married an Axe Murderer.

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