Last night, I went to a wedding reception. Read: not a wedding. That happened earlier in the afternoon and I couldn’t leave work but that evening, there was a terrific party for the good Dr. Ken and his lovely wife Linnea. Ken is a friend of mine from the Kitty Hawk and it was so much fun to go to a party with people I know in San Diego. Well, actually I only knew one person when I got there but I met a lot of their awesome friends throughout the night.

I was on call so I kept an eye on my pager but no calls. Yay! And even though I didn’t initially feel like dancing, I summoned up the energy and had a great time. Sometimes it’s hard on a Friday night to shake off the work week, you know?

And I have a new favorite song! “Wonderful Day” by O.A.R. Now, I’ve never been much of an O.A.R. fan b/c I lumped them into the “frat rock” genre of music but I think I have to reconsider. At the very least, this song is one of the happiest & jauntiest I’ve heard in awhile.

And then if you want another fun song, “Low” by Flo rida is so awesome to dance to. Listen to it and don’t dance, I dare you! At the very least, it’s going to make an awesome addition to a workout mix. Got to fit into those Applebottom Jeans, you know?

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