I am not Western. I am (rather) scared of horses. But, I have discovered a new love. Frye. I love the shoes and although I’m still slightly undecided about the boots, I’m pretty sure I’ll grow to love them too.

This shoe is cute, but the open toe is a no-go for work. Plus, now that I think about it, I bet I would make that white leather around the toe look super grungy, super fast.

This heel is slightly stocky, but I think in a cute Minnie Mouse shoe type of way. In the very important, I could wear these all day at work type of way except…open toe! Boo!

I like this boot. A lot. But I don’t own any boots currently and they’re so expensive, I will likely only own one pair in the near future. These? Or more dressy, sleek boots? Dilemma!

Winner! Definitely a get. No open toe, it will work at work. Hooray!

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