New Year, New Resolutions, Blog more…blah di blagh

So, blogging isn’t working out too well, which seems to be the first sentence of almost every other post around here. Fortunately, I’m my only reader- hooray! Ok, self, let’s get it together, ‘k?

First, Mechen is finally here. It’s better than I imagined and after a fairly dramatic misunderstanding this morning (resolved!), I realize how much he means to me and how my life is permanently and totally altered now that he and I are together and so in love. It’s amazing and I feel so lucky each and every day that I’ve been graced with such a gift in my life.

He came out on the 17th of Dec and hung out while I worked at Kaiser (boo!) and hung out with him any moment I was off, which was never enough for me! But it was a little bit of an adjustment having him here in everyday life, rather than another datecation that we had enjoyed for the last two years when we saw each other. It’s also difficult since we live in San Diego where people DO come for vacation but both of us have jobbie jobs that intrude on those lady-who-lunch fantasies I have of working out at 10 a.m. and daily beach visits, more than likely during peak sun hours.

ANYWAY, I did have Christmas and the day after off which was awesome. We were getting ready to move from my cute place on Banker’s Hill up to Cardiff. He loved the apartment (phew!) and we were ready to move in with the one small exception of all his stuff still in Norfolk. Cue: road trip!

We left 27 Dec on separate flights due to previous booking and it turned out to be a very good thing b/c I made it to Norfolk while he was stuck in Houston. He made it to Knoxville while I landed in snowy Norfolk and got his truck and drove overnight to Knoxville where I crashed for a few hours. Fortunately, no crashes while driving although a fence fared poorly against Sweetpea when I was backing her out of the 6 inches of snow covering the driveway. But I didn’t hit the house, garage or parked cars so I think I picked the appropriate target!

After a few hours of sleep, we back tracked to Dunbar, WV and visited with his grandmother. She was really sweet and had lots of great stories. We spent the night and then decided to push on our long haul leg, which ended up being 30+ hours and we made it all the way to Arizona! That was a little crazy but doable thanks to switching out driving responsibilities.

At that point, it was the 30th and we decided we wanted to make it back to San Diego for New Year’s so the next day we left, stopped at Sedona (awesome!) and arrived in San Diego around 6. We went out to Hotel Solamar in a repeat of last year and it was really, really fun. The rest of the weekend, we recovered and moved.

January was a busy month with more Kaiser goodness but Mechen and I still had a good time. We went out to dinner at Starlite. In Cardiff, we’ve hit a few Italian spots, the local “excellent” Mexican food spot (it was ok- I’m forever spoiled by the Mexican Grill in Annapolis), The E St Cafe and my new favorite local bar, The Lumberyard. Delicious food, good beer and a really mellow atmosphere with an eclectic crowd.

I also went out in North Park last Saturday to celebrate Brady’s birthday with a few girlfriends. And Brady! Couldn’t leave her behind. Brady and I also went out to Cafe Chloe on her actual birthday for brunch followed by mani/pedis, which was a luxurious treat!

This weekend, we’re getting ready for our Super Bowl party Sunday. I’m very excited and as a bonus, the house is almost put together. Finally!

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