In an effort to be a better blogger (inspired by Joslyn’s post, I’ll try and actually write while I’m actually traveling or shortly thereafter.

I’m here in Philly for a wedding today that is actually an hour outside the city. But in order to maximize by adventure time, I took a red-eye Thursday and took in a lot of Philly sights yesterday. I wish Mechen was here but the tickets were too expensive and he isn’t as good friends with the couple so he decided to forego the travels. I’m sure he’ll drown his sorrows this weekend in golf and surfing.

I arrived a 6 a.m. (wheeee!) after a red-eye that I didn’t sleep as well on as a normally do. Boo! But I felt ok and stopped by the hotel to drop off my bag. The Independent is a really nice boutique hotel with the building’s old brick interior mixed in with more modern elements. The linens and bed are amazing and there is a DOUBLE shower head! I love it. I didn’t find all this out until 6 at night b/c I was busy sight-seeing but last night’s sleep was AWESOME.

After dropping off my bags, I went to “Jack and the Brewstalk,” which is an ok coffee shop. I think my reaction to it was that it was trying too hard to be cute and as a result, I’m being overcritical but I got my Jack size coffee (instead of giant, get it?) and headed out.

First I went to the Philadelphia Museum which is a Blue Star museum this Summer so I got in free! I didn’t even realize until I asked for a military discount, figuring it would be the student rate. Instead, I got to wander the halls and saw beautiful artwork. I saw old favorites like Mary Cassat and the Marcel Duchamp gallery (have these two ever been linked in a single thought before EVER?) and wandered through some reconstructed rooms. There was an old Southern France monastery courtyard that was breathtakingly restored and so evocative of a beautiful night where possibility is heavy in the air. That was my favorite part (picture coming!).

The museum also has several Winslow Homers- I forgot how much I loved his work, especially the Maine coast scenes. Then I travelled across the street to another building to see a Chagall exhibit. He’s not my favorite, but the layout and companion pieces illustrating various contemporaries/inspirations was laid out expertly by the exhibit’s curator.

Next, I went to the Rodin museum. Nothing original for me to say here- I love “The Cathedral” and “The Gates of Hell.” Rodin was an amazing sculptor and the lyrical lines are so beautiful. I also love the figures of the men and women in embrace. You can feel the passion through the positioning, which really is a testament to natural, unforced, unfiltered body language.

Then I was tired. So I took the bus to 8th&Market, hopped off and walked to Little Italy. I walked all the way down to Pat’s where I inhaled a cheesesteak. I was SO hungry and it was falling apart in my hands so gobble, gobble. When I was done, I felt fine but I had a stern little talk with myself along the lines of “Chew your g-damn food!” Seriously! How am I going to be a healthy eater if I don’t even chew and I just have partially chewed crap in my stomach. (Ok, ignore the fact that this is all in reference to a cheesesteak which is in no way healthy, but more along a general principle that chewing is a good thing).

Then I walked to Walnut near Rittenhouse and proceeding to negate any savings I had made during trip planning by buying a wedding outfit at Anthro, a shirt for Mechen and travel pants for me at Lulu and two tank tops from the Gap (<–the only one of these three is not stupidly expensive!).

I came to the hotel, checked into my lovely room, went to the gym and came back and hung out. I talked to Mechen on the phone. I really wanted to go to a wine bar named Tria, but I figured that I might as well save some money for when I can go out with Mechen and/or friends. In addition, I plan on drinking at the wedding and I decided to not do two nights in a row since I may also have some wine when I go out with Mechen Sunday night.

Phew! That’s it! I had a light breakfast this morning and now I’m off for a run. Yipes! I just looked at the time and I have to get going!

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