Houston weekend

I’ve had a life this weekend! Hooray! It’s a beautiful golden weekend, aka no rounding, and I’ve had the best time. On Friday, I went salsa dancing with two other residents and one of their friends and it was a lot of fun. I’m not very good at dancing but once I got out on the floor (after a shot of tequila), I got my rhythm back and had a great time. Our group was two guys, two girls so it was nice with friends. I stayed out late, went home and totally crashed.

Yesterday, Jenn and I went to Tiny Boxwood’s for lunch/brunch and then hung out later that evening and went to Pondicheri, a delicious modern/American take on Indian food. The poppadoms were so tasty with a little heat and while the spice level on the other food was a little on the low side, it was all pretty tasty. Then we saw J. Edgar which was a thought-provoking movie, more in terms of trying to decide how much I liked it. The acting was amazing and the love story element was so subtly told but it was sometimes difficult for me to figure out how much I cared about the story. Anyway, I’m definitely glad I went. I will rarely go out to movies on my own but when I do, I’m almost always happened I decided to go.
Today, I’m finishing my presentation. I have a great plan and story arch for my talk so I’m going to get it done and send it off to Dr. Myers. Hopefully, there won’t be too many edits needed although it won’t matter since I have a lot of time (read: 8 days) to work on it if there are issues. I think it’s fundamentally solid though- hopefully, this isn’t some sort of delusion!

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