Long December

I’ve been thinking about making a music list from the mid-to-late 90s for the OR. It’s really the time period I know best for rock music, apart from the stuff I listen to today that does not always tickle people’s music loving ear. I don’t know WHY- I’m talking about The National, Arcade Fire, Cold War Kids, Robyn. I think it’s because part of what makes OR music tolerable for most people is some familiarity with the bands which, frankly, my uncool staff have never heard of (<– this is tongue-in-cheek). BUT, we all like the "modern rock" of the 90s so in an effort to find ways to frivolously spend my money, maybe I'll putter around iTunes for a bit.

Last weekend, I felt a little more Christmas-y because I went to the Nutcracker with Jen. It was a great production. What I liked most was in the first act parlor scene, there were so many visual jokes and side encounters occurring. It was so clever! I loved it! We also went out to dinner afterwards which was a little bit of a bust- Jen did not like her meal and there weren’t any great alternatives to her liking. I think part of the problem was she was so excited for an amazing (sounding) salmon salad on the menu, but instead of grilled salmon, it came out raw. Isn’t that weird? I mean, I get it, but there was no indication on the menu that it was raw and I would assume that salmon on salads is usually grilled. Anyway, I enjoyed my plate of vegetables. I was trying to eat very “cleanly” with a vegan diet. I always feel good with unprocessed foods and more veggies, but it will always be a little bit of a phase sort of thing for me. I love all types of food too much, although my day-to-day eating is often more vegan/vegetarian based on my preferences.
This week was another week at MDA down. Lots of clinic notes left over, although not as many as the mountain from last week. I had a two good days in the OR although yesterday I was with an attending who trained at PITT, where it’s well known that their OR mode is “moudus assholendai.” So, my head was bitten off for a solid 1.5 hours and then at the end, I was told “great job.” Sheesh. I know I do better with complaints than compliments in the OR but yesterday was bordering on the little much side of things.
This weekend, my TTD is a little mundane. I want to get everything set for my soon-arriving departure date and my even sooner-to-arrive boyfriend visiting for Christmas! Awesome! For fun, I’m planning on seeing Young Adult with Jen and Shirley. Otherwise, I’m laying low and keeping my nose clean!

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