San Diego mini-trip

Mid-September, SMS and I decided we didn’t want to wait until the end of October to see each other. So…I saw clinic Monday and Tuesday so I could head home to San Diego for the rest of the week!  It is SO nice to see SMS- he is very missable and although Skype is wonderful, it’s great to be home!

We’ve also seen a few other people since being here. I think the highlight was going out to dinner last night (Thursday) with Linda and Rip. We arrived at the restaurant first and they were shocked when they saw me.  We wanted to surprise them and we definitely did!  It was pretty awesome and we had a great yakitori meal together. 
On Wednesday, I went out to dinner at Stone with several of my friends. No pictures, unfortunately, but I have lots of mental snapshots and memories from dinner. I feel very lucky that 7 of us could get together. There was the added bonus that SMS actually got out of class early and hung out with us. It sounds silly, but I love when our lives become more intertwined and when we hang out with great people together. 
Wednesday was actually the longest Wednesday ever since I left at 4 pm Wednesday and arrived in San Diego at noon on the same date. Since I left later in the afternoon, I actually got a fair bit done in Japan.  I finalized my car purchase and obtained base stickers. I also turned in my paperwork to arrange my “signing paperwork appointment” at the housing office. In the spirit of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” I have nothing to say about the Yokosuka housing office. 
It ends up that I/we will live off-base. I found a great apartment in Miharucho. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment on the second story of a five story apartment building right on Tokyo Bay. We have a full ocean view!  We also have covered parking and are only 1.7 miles from base. It’s an incredible find and I’m really happy!  Pictures will definitely follow!  I am signing the contract on Wednesday, getting gas turned on Thursday and I’m going to have appliances and my express shipment delivered on Friday. I’ll have a home by the end of next week!
As for the rest of my San Diego trip, SMS and I are going climbing at Tahquitz today and going to Starlite for dinner tomorrow before I go. We’re going to use the birthday gift card I got from Brady.  I can’t wait!

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