Mis-adventures in Japan

So, this was just inspired by the fact that I’m in my office waiting for an after-hours Japanese-American doctor social to start and I decided to practice my hiragana.  I opened up what I thought was graph paper but instead, it’s one sheet and the main point of the purchase with the page protector the insert was in.  Le sigh.

Other things that have happened include Jenn and my’s adventure in Yokohama.  First, we went to an “Ethiopian” place since Jenn was craving Ethiopian food.  Well, craving unsatisfied since the restaurant was, essentially, a Japanese curry place.  Then, we went to a restaurant for dessert.  We were seated and tried to order dessert.  The waiter said that he was very sorry but they were only taking dinner orders.  So we were escorted from the restaurant.  That was so weird it wasn’t even embarrassing!

Finally, when I went to Narita, I took the Skyliner Express, which granted, was pretty swank.  It also required the purchase of two tickets, i.e. double the price.  Doh!

Edited to add: Last night had an AWESOME example. There was a providers’ social at the O Club for the Naval Hospital and the local university. The XO was giving an introduction and, wanting to stress the importance of our joint efforts in caring for patients, said, “I am fairly certain that in every language, there is a saying, ‘Strength in Unity.'” The translator stood there, completely unable to translate. There was an awkward silence and someone from the audience suggested, “Teamwork?” Still silent. Thus, the nascent sentiment of universalism was nipped in the bud.

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