Moving Day!

What, it isn’t normal to have a fourth moving day in 2 months!?  Well, today is the big one- all of our furniture arrives!

Good bye old man chair, I’ll have some nicer things now to sit in while I spy on the neighborhood!
I’ve been so excited about today. The past weekend was super mellow. I was on call, which was a great excuse to sit around the house and play on the computer. It was a little overdose but fun to enjoy my newly connected Internet!  I did head over to Ikego for a nice dinner on Saturday with some people from the hospital. It was at Dave and Ashley’s house and the guest list included Rod, Theresa, Jamie, Peter, Scott and Melissa. It was a great group and not too much work talk. Among us, we had OBGyn, ENT, GS and ophtho represented!
Monday, I went over to Aaron’s house for dinner. It is a gorgeous home and in such a neat location. His house is in a quiet neighborhood but there’s a more vibrant area around the train station. We had steak, asparagus, chard and bread. Yum!  It had been a minute since I had a steak!

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