Working for the Weekend!

Ok, maybe Tuesday is a liiiii-tle too early to be singing that song, but I am so excited for my parents to get into town.  We have the best itinerary planned.

I’m also very excited because I am getting a lot done at work.  Last night, I finished a paper on portable vestibular evaluation devices that will hopefully be published.  I haven’t heard back from the big cheese about it, but I hope he likes it!  It was the first late night I’ve had in a long while- yes, including (lack of a) social life too!

SMS pointed out that I’ve become quite a .gif fan.  This is true but I haven’t been taking very many pictures of my own.  I plan to remedy that on my trip.  Did I mention that I’m going on vacation!?!?  Sagoy!

First stop- relaxing ryokan in Miyajima!

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