Park Golf Sunday

Who loves park golf?  GODZILLA LOVES PARK GOLF!!!

On Sunday, SMS and I had a great time in Kurihama with several friends.  On the agenda was lunch, park golf, the Godzilla slide and a walk through the Kurihama flower garden.  By the end of the day, we added a bowl of ramen to the itinerary.  It was an awesome day.
We met at Keikyu Kurihama and went to the basement supermarket to buy bentos and drinks.  Then we walked over to the park.  The poppies were out and some of the carp flags were still out from early May so everything was really beautiful and scenic.
While we have grand ambitions to have a themed golf game, we all wore normal clothes for this game. Actually, there was an unintended theme that two of the women got to take part in.  The theme was “Frumpy Japanese Grandma slip-on shoes for those who wore forbidden sandals.”  Yes, for future reference, no sandals allowed.  The starter was a stickler for the rules.  Somehow, my almost-sandals made the cut but I could feel the judge-y stare!  
Paparazzi shot of SMS teeing off
 The game was a lot of fun.  We couldn’t all go together so we had teams of three and we switched it up after the front 9.  I love Park Golf.  I want to be like Dick “The Destroyer” Bayer and open my own course in the United States.  I’ve talked about it before on the blog but picture a par-3 course played with one club that is a hybrid of a croquet mallet and field hockey stick.
After Park Golf, we headed up the hill to see our friend, GODZILLA!  We were so afraid of him, we decided to slide down his tail and then pose for pictures.  I’m not sure how we lived to see another day, but I lived to tell the tale.
I know I don’t look very scared but it’s a bravery facade!

After walking past Godzilla, we went down the roller slide.  Well, first, we bought little plastic sheets sort of shaped like a bucket in order to make the slide experience the best it could be.  It was so much fun and we went down several times.  Unfortunately, some of the pictures made it look like we were obsessed with grabbing our crotches so maybe I will work on making a more genteel slide sled shape.

SMS makes it look easy AND refined!  Plus, bonus Japanese child photo bomb.

After sledding, we walked down the hill to the flower garden.  It was SO pretty!  The poppies were out and it was so gorgeous and mellow.  Very idyllic.

Beautiful poppies
Artsy filter on a carp flag photo
At that point, we said good-bye to Brooke and Aaron who live in Kurihama.  The remaining four were about to part ways when we decided to grab some ramen.  After a brief detour, we went to the ramen shop that Aaron proclaimed “the best.”  It was pretty delicious!  It was a very rich broth and I got the special ramen that came with two thick slices of pork belly.  There was also a mountain of bonito flakes that was a little too much, but I would go back again.  I would have to be hungry, but not too hungry because I think if I ate the whole bowl, I would have regrets.

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