San Francisco

I love the scale in this photo!

This past weekend was split between being mellow and venturing out. On Saturday, I went for a run with my running club which was a lot of fun. I ran the 5K distance at a pretty good clip and then enjoyed some fun conversation at Starbucks afterwards.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow. SMS was out with his climbing friend so I went to the library and read a book for an upcoming book club.
The next day, we decided to head up to the city. We had brunch at Outerlands, which was pretty awesome. I love their lavain bread, which we had toasted. Then we each had “Eggs in Jail,” a very fancy version of egg-in-a-hole. It was good but I think next time I’ll get something a little more adventurous…maybe a Dutch pancake.
SMS and I got to pika pura and made cool photo stickers, complete with anime eyes!

After brunch (and a pre-brunch stop at Trouble coffee to restock on beans), we went to Japantown to check it out. There was an art walk that day where we bought a “passport” and went to 16 different stops throughout the 6 block area and got the book stamped with original designs by different artists. It was a fun way to explore the area!

As the girl shouted into her cell phone, “I’M IN MARINA!”

After Japantown, SMS wanted to check out another part of San Francisco so we decided to head over to Cow Hollow and the Marina area. It was a really pretty area with a lot of fancy shops. We stopped in for a drink at one of the restaurants and watched the end of a football game. Afterwards, we walked to the water where they were breaking down the setup for the Nike half-marathon.

Alcatraz in the fading golden hour!
We skipped dinner in the city since we weren’t hungry and headed home. It was a nice day with a lot of walking, exploring new-to-us parts of the city.

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