Weekend Updates and Sonoma!

Kettle is a gift from Mom!

Hello!  SMS and I have taken a little breather from our weekend road trips and enjoying Mountain View.  It’s nice to enjoy our place and each other!  Two weekends ago was a little cloudy/rainy so we were pretty low-key.  Saturday, SMS joined me at running club, which was a lot of fun.  I’m not sure if SMS would describe it as “fun,” but he’s trying to work out a little more consistently and it’s fun to do together.

AWESOME breakfast!

Hmm, what else?  SMS made me a fantastic breakfast on Sunday morning before we went to the Farmer’s Market.  The produce we bought was fantastic. Before going to the market, we stopped at the Tesla statue where it looked like SMS was getting anointed as a knight.  We also went shopping for work shirts and stopped by the Tesla store.  We finished up our afternoon with a climbing session at Belmont Gym, which was a nice change of scenery.

Tesla says, “Go forth, young man.”

This past weekend was a little busier but just as fun.  On Saturday, we went to run club and had a really interesting conversation about patents afterwards.  No, seriously!  After we cleaned up at home, we went to our new house where we signed the lease, which was really exciting!  The place has a garage, orange tree, cute interior and is right off the running trail.  It was a great find!

Then we headed home where I took an epic nap (win!) and SMS hung out with a friend of his who is leaving for NYC soon. That evening, we hung out with two new friends at Bier Haus.  SMS and I had never hung out there for dinner but the food was excellent and I really liked the two beers I tried- a Doppelbock and a Marzen.

The next day, SMS and I headed up to San Francisco for breakfast before heading up to Sonoma with friends.  He was navigating and found a really delicious restaurant Park Chow in the Sunset/Richmond District.  After breakfast, we wandered into San Franpsycho, a probably-too-cool-for-us clothing store where I got an Outer Sunset shirt.  Yay!

Then, it was off to Sonoma where we went wine tasting at Williams Selyem and Woodenhead.  The wines, especially at WS, were delicious.  I’m not normally a huge fan of pinot noirs but the whole experience was really amazing.  The tasting room at WS is gorgeous and with the beautiful weather, the doors were open, a breeze was blowing and it was really idyllic.

After the two wineries, we headed to Armstrong State Natural Preserve to take in some big trees.  I think the group was getting a little tired by that point but it was nice to go back to the park, especially since we were so close.

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