That Belongs in a Museum!


Oh, Indiana Jones.  You are so noble in making sure that worldly treasures are accessible to all. SMS and I decided to take advantage of a nearby museum by taking the train into SF and visiting SFMOMA.

After a breakfast at home, we took the “bullet” train into the city.  While nowhere near as fast a Shinkansen, it is definitely on par time-wise with driving into the city since there is usually traffic.  We took a wrong turn or two and ended up seeing a police footchase, with rapid backup support from four police cars that were driving crazily.  We eventually made it back to the downtown but that experience, combined with the rest of SF we saw that day, made us feel that San Francisco has become really gritty.  While there are plenty of nice places a person can visit, the overall feel for me is a city with a lot of people in hard circumstances that are out in the street, disconnected from the massive wealth that’s flooded the city over the last 15 years.

So, one of the nice places is SFMOMA.  We walked in and since it’s a Blue Star museum, we got in for free.  Yeah!  We walked through all 7 floors.  There were some really nice works and some that made me think the classic modern art grinch thought, “I could have done that.”

image of Abstraktes Bild (Abstract Picture)My favorite painting was in the German Art after 1960 exhibit- Gerhard Richter’s Abstraktes Bild (Abstract Picture), 1987.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  Up close, the curves and transitions into completely different color palates were really amazing.

BUT, I will let SMS take you on an art tour- a carefully curated collection by SMS.

A triptych of canvases, painted white by Robert Rauschenberg.  SMS is making this face because he realizes that MOMA accidentally hung them upside down.
A massive spider.  Louise Bourgeois.
Agnes, Chuck Close (1998)  This is my addition to the tour- I thought it was neat.
SMS is bemused to see his artwork from second grade on the wall.  Especially since he was told that his symbolism and meaning did not make sense.  He now feels vindicated, even though the painting “Bracket” is attributed to Joan Mitchell.  But it was made in 1989 so he knows it is his.  From the exhibit Approaching American Abstraction
SMS feels for this Snowman. Being cold is no fun, at least for SMS. The snowman looks ok with it.



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