Recreating a Moment, 7 years later…

SMS was eating these very waffles.  He offered me one but I was on the Whole 30 and disciplined!  No!  No waffles!

SMS and I met seven years ago as I cut across Balboa Park during December Nights to meet up with a group of friends.  On the way, I saw two other friends whom I hadn’t expected to see.  I popped my head over the wall, called out their last name, and SMS thought that this now-she’s-here-now-she’s-gone (had to meet up with that other group!) woman in the red pants with red lipstick was intriguing.  Now, seven years later, we went to a cloudy December Nights during the day and I thought an impromptu photo shoot was in order!

Peering over the wall.  I don’t think the mid-blink look was what caught SMS’ eye.
Picture a nighttime crowd and this is what SMS looked like!  Hasn’t aged a day!
Smiles at December Nights!
The Japanese Friendship Garden.  It is so beautiful!  I can’t wait until the Spring!
Christmas Decorations at the Timken Museum

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