Feelin’ It Friday

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MEGXIT!  I am here for it!  My New Year’s resolution to not read gossip sites stuck for 1 week until Harry and Meghan decided to establish new roles for themselves within the royal family.  #NewYearNewYou  The problem?  Sounds like all involved parties like, I don’t know, the rest of the Royal Family, were told of this plan before us loser plebes and muckraking media were let loose to endlessly think of the idea.  To think!  It even buried the lede on the real Brexit!  TBH, I’m in the anti-Sussex camp in this Royal battle since they live a life of incredible wealth and privilege that they seem to have very little appreciation for.  And if the goldfish bowl is such a problem, just quit completely!

As my brother once said about Hollywood film stars who complain about losing weight, “Give me $1 million dollars.  I’ll lose all the weight they want.”  Note this was in the mid-2000s so please adjust for inflation if any Hollywood producers 1. Read this blog and 2. Want to take my brother up on the offer.

Instagram Finds: Nothing bought this week but I did start to follow a few women entrepreneurs and authors.  It’s cool to gain insight into different professions and broaden my perspective.   For awhile, I only followed people I know but for now, I’m choosing to broaden my follows to get broader subjects on my feed.

New Year’s Resolutions: Going strong on the yoga channel with yogi Tim.  I’m also doing well on the Whole 30.  Had some oatmilk without thinking (clasp pearls) but really, I’m not insane so I’m just going to move on.  And, let’s be real, I’m still avoiding the red wine and that’s the real weight gain culprit.  So, if you’re looking for me, I’m just the very thirsty woman with gleaming white teeth behind the keyboard, typing a blog update.  Sobbing.  Hahaha, I kid.  (Send help.)


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