Feelin’ It Friday

Feelin’ it Friday, furnishing edition!  I decided that my apartment was missing a few pieces of wall flare, so I went to Ikea to buy a few frames.  While I was there, I saw a mirror I really liked and thought it would look great over the couch.  It looks awesome.  My only pause is that I now have a lot of mismatched wood in the living room but I really like the light wood look so maybe over time I’ll transition to that.  Besides, with all of the pieces having different colors, it actually looks better than if only one piece was out of place.  Or so I tell myself.

So, here’s the Stockholm mirror.   I really like it!  I just read some reviews and just learned that some people consider the wider base as a shelf.  Eh, I like it for its visual interest- for now, I’m going to leave it clear of objects.  The picture on the left shows how it hangs on the room.  The picture on the right is more visually interesting and courtesy of the talented SMS.


I had started a gallery wall a few months back, but there was a big gap while I waited to get SMS’ Coronado print from Menlo Park to this apartment.  The wall looks fantastic and that print is the highlight.  There was a small gap where I place a painting of Solana Beach.  I didn’t really plan this wall out too well and I think it turned out better than I deserved.  For an incredible article on how to plan out a gallery wall, check out Nothing But Bonfire’s.


I call this the ocean wall with two Clark Little prints and one panorama of Railay West, Krabi, Thailand by SMS.  My new Rhapis palm is in the corner- thanks Rip!


This picture highlights that truly putrid color the kitchen is painted in.  Yuck.  I also hung a Brent Estabrook print up, a whimsical teddy bear.  What I really want is a skull painting but SMS thinks it’s too morbid.

Finally, I bought an Ivan Roque print to go with my flamingo-themed bathroom, which was a necessary embrace of the pink tile with maroon trimming in the bath.

Ok, so that’s a wrap of Feelin’ It Friday, furnishings edition!

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