Travel Catch-Up

Today my main post is my Yellowstone Day 1: Southern Loop post. I backdated it to July to keep the trip sequence in order, but I’m counting it in my November blog streak.

I don’t have a big trip lined up anytime soon. I’m going to San Diego for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m off to Hawaii for a conference followed by a few extra days of vacation in February. But after that, no big plans. If I build up my vacation days steadily, maybe a Fall 2023 trip would work. In the United States, I would love to do a New England trip that would include Western Massachusetts and Maine, especially Bar Harbor and Acadia. This would be pretty spectacular during Fall foliage season. In Europe, I would like to visit the Benalux, especially the Netherlands; Normandy; Alsace; and Croatia. I wouldn’t plan on all of these areas in one trip- they’re just on the top of my list of places to go.

Overall though, I’m not in a real travel-plan frame of mind although I love looking back on my trips. I started this blog to track my travel and trips, which has been really helpful over the years as a memory jog. I have looked back on Japan posts for recommendations. I used my old Switzerland posts to help with my trip this past Summer. I really like having the trips live more vividly in my mind by having this resource.

3 thoughts on “Travel Catch-Up”

  1. You should come to Nova Scotia! It just made the Lonely Planet Guide of 30 places to visit in 2023…(and we have beautiful fall foliage – though I think it’s most beautiful in the summer).


  2. Oh exactly, it’s such a good resource if you document your trips. Sounds like you have a couple of nice getaways coming up (I hope the holidays in SoCal are going to be fun.) And Hawaii…. sigh.


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