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Today my main post is my Yellowstone Day 1: Southern Loop post. I backdated it to July to keep the trip sequence in order, but I’m counting it in my November blog streak.

I don’t have a big trip lined up anytime soon. I’m going to San Diego for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m off to Hawaii for a conference followed by a few extra days of vacation in February. But after that, no big plans. If I build up my vacation days steadily, maybe a Fall 2023 trip would work. In the United States, I would love to do a New England trip that would include Western Massachusetts and Maine, especially Bar Harbor and Acadia. This would be pretty spectacular during Fall foliage season. In Europe, I would like to visit the Benalux, especially the Netherlands; Normandy; Alsace; and Croatia. I wouldn’t plan on all of these areas in one trip- they’re just on the top of my list of places to go.

Overall though, I’m not in a real travel-plan frame of mind although I love looking back on my trips. I started this blog to track my travel and trips, which has been really helpful over the years as a memory jog. I have looked back on Japan posts for recommendations. I used my old Switzerland posts to help with my trip this past Summer. I really like having the trips live more vividly in my mind by having this resource.

3 thoughts on “Travel Catch-Up”

  1. I love travel posts and will have a look at your Switzerland ones. Hopefully next summer we finally get to visit my sister-in-law in Z├╝rich and a little planning help is always appreciated.

  2. You should come to Nova Scotia! It just made the Lonely Planet Guide of 30 places to visit in 2023…(and we have beautiful fall foliage – though I think it’s most beautiful in the summer).

  3. Oh exactly, it’s such a good resource if you document your trips. Sounds like you have a couple of nice getaways coming up (I hope the holidays in SoCal are going to be fun.) And Hawaii…. sigh.

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