Another missed post! I’m happy to be part of the November daily blogging streak. I feel like it’s revived my interest in blogging! But I’m a work in progress. I will take the win that I’ve really broken a dry spell in blogging.

And thanks for the thoughtful comments on rent vs buy. I feel like a load is lifted in making the decision. I’m not looking forward to telling our realtor, whose business has taken a hit. We are going to give him a nice present, but I’m sure he would prefer the present of a home sale commission.

Now, it’s time to focus on the move. On the positive side, my shipment from San Diego is being handled by professional movers. In addition, the 1B/1B apartment is fairly sparsely furnished so that part of the move will be easy (oops, just jinxed myself!).

On the negative side, there will be a little too much stuff coming into the new apartment from my shipment since there is a lot of garage garbage included. Some of that stuff has been carted around for years and I would love to get rid of it, but it’s mostly SMS’ stuff. It’s always easier to throw someone else’s stuff away than my own so I need to focus on my own excess! And accidentally throw away some of his. (JKNR, new acronym! JKNR = just kidding, not really).

3 thoughts on “Demerit!”

  1. I think you both have made a good decision! Renting for a longer term just makes good sense at this point. 💖

  2. Managing other people’s stuff can be a real challenge! My kids love to keep tons of little things and it drives me crazy..but also, just because I like to relentlessly declutter doesn’t mean they want to. Sigh. It’s tough, but for the most part I just try to look away from the carnage that is their bedrooms. So. Much. Paper. (And every piece has some deep significance).

    Congrats on making a decision!

    1. I do not understand how minimalists do it! I love the sleek look, but I have a difficult time recreating it. There are always papers that are organized, even if they don’t look like it!

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