San Diego Long Weekend

I had such a fun time in San Diego this past weekend! We arrived Thanksgiving Day and had a delicious dinner at SMS’ sister’s house. The next day, we were a bit mellow. We also hung out with SMS’ childhood friend. They were Boy Scouts together for the longest time.

On Saturday, we went to The Friendly where we split one of the Flat Top Burgers and a spinach-ricotta piece of pizza. The food was so good. It’s not going to win any health awards and I’m definitely hoping to go back! After lunch, we headed to Del Mar where we stopped at Crumbl Cookie and killed some time at Seagrove Park.

Then we went to Del Mar Heights where we were going to meet a couple-friends of our. Michelle and I worked together for three years and we’ve known each other for longer when she was a junior attending and I was still a resident. They have a beautiful house with an incredible view. But this time, their driveway was the star since Michelle had majorly balled out and gotten a Porsche Panamara Hybrid!

Hanging out was so much fun. We shared poke on their deck and I saw Kona, my favorite doodlie dog! We stayed for a few hours and headed back to SMS’ parents’ house.

Then SMS and I decided to do different social things. He went out with his sister and brother-in-law since they were busy the next day. I had already made plans with some other friends and didn’t want to flake. So, I went to Shakespeare’s for dinner and drinks. Afterward, Jenny and I went bar-hopping which I hadn’t done in awhile. We went to The Regale Beagle, where it smelled like a wet mop head and we didn’t stay too long. Then we finished at Starlite, where I hadn’t been in years. Not too much has changed, although their Moscow Mule glasses have increased in size. Maybe harder to steal? I never stole one, but I’m pretty sure they had a big problem with that several years ago.

The next day, we had another delicious healthy breakfast and cappuchino at the house. Then we headed back to the Fish Shop (yay!) for another delicious lunch. Seriously, it is so good. Then, since we had a little extra time, we went to Carruth Cellars “urban winery” in Point Loma. I didn’t love their wines, but it’s a really neat concept and space. For $50, you get a bottle of wine and weekly free glasses. So if you do like the wines, it’s a pretty fun place to join!

Then it was time to go! Sad to leave San Diego but it was a great trip. As the book in the lending library asks, “Where do I go from here with my life?”

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