January 2023 Wrap-Up

Well, to wrap up this month, I’ve decided to change my website’s theme which may have been a bit of mistake but I’ll make the needed edits soon.

Visit from Friends: A Study in Empties

Since the month had two federal holidays, it was already primed to be a pretty good month. We also saw two friends of ours that we hadn’t seen in a few months. I finished a paper that had been a real albatross over my head (I think that’s a mixed metaphor), so it’s nice that it is done. Until I get the requested edits but hey, that can be a February thing.

SMS and I made a few furniture decisions. We decided we both disliked our couch. Honestly, I have used the word “hated” which a little strong, but I am really happy that we are couch upgrading. The arrival will be another February thing so it looks like January functioned to tee up the blog content for the next month.

IKEA furniture: the best value purchase of my life

I also learned that you can order spare Ikea parts for free! I had placed the screws for the guest bed in a very secure spot and absolutely could not find them. I morosely Googled “What to do when YOU ARE A TOTAL IDIOT and lose your Ikea parts” (or something to that effect) and, lo and behold, it seems other people have done a similar thing so after a little research into the furniture instruction pdf to get the part number, I ordered the parts which arrived 2 weeks later from Sweden. Yes, complete with the customs label! Total value: €8.56!

By the way, I found the screws while waiting for the new one. They were in the Peloton parts/tools bag because of course that makes total sense.

Photo documentation of the broken zipper

But, another bargain of the month was when I wrote to the company that made my jacket. The right pocket zipper split without any real reason. I’d only owned the jacket for a month so I wrote in. I fully expected to be given a pre-paid label to send it in for repair. Instead, they gave me another jacket. That’s crazy! So, now I have two jackets because you better believe I’ll just take the broken one to the dry cleaner to have the zipper replaced. And when I say that, I mean in roughly 6-7 months from now by the time I finally get around to it.

Big family events included the birth of my newest nephew. He is so cute. I think the cutest video I’ve seen so far is when he’s napping, his Mom strokes his head with her finger, and he smiles in his sleep!!! So adorable! It was also my sister’s birthday and, gotta be honest, she’s starting to be the age that I want to lie and say is my age. My Mom kept it simple with 21+, but I’m a fan of the late 30s sweet spot!

I made some resolutions for the year which I just reviewed and…good thing there are 12 months in the year! But I’m making good progress. I have my trip to Hawaii planned out for the conference + a few extra days. SMS is going to pass but I think I’ve planted the seeds for a European Fall vacation for us. That would be awesome.

4 thoughts on “January 2023 Wrap-Up”

  1. I had a similar experience with a jacket. The zipper on a pocket kept breaking; it got sent back to NorthFace twice for repairs. The last time, the store where I bought it (and who took care of the returns) told me to just pick out any jacket I wanted in the store. I ended up with a very expensive and much nicer Helly Hansen jacket. (And I still have the inside liner to my NorthFace jacket.)

  2. Oh, a trip to Europe this fall! That sounds amazing! And a new sofa! And new blog look! And a new jacket! And visits with friends! So much good stuff going on. Plus Hawaii on top of all that? Excellent news. And of course, best of all, a new sweet nephew! I love the little baby smiles that come when they’re asleep.

    Thanks for the update, it sounds like a lot of good stuff is going on in your neck of the woods.

  3. Yeah for the jacket. It is a nice thing when that happens. I bought a wonderful bright blue seater last year and when I was done wearing it for the first time I saw a hole. I asked for a replacement but it was sold out. So I got all the money back. Later this year I saw it back in stock for half the price. Better believe I snatched it up again. Of course the broken one was going to be fixed…. Well that one is sitting in my room waiting for it.

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