Me and my Mystic Tan say Aloha! And nom-nom-nom-udon!

Although I already loved my job, I felt particularly joyous when I was invited to teach at an annual CME course in Hawaii within my first few weeks of starting! Going to a conference in Hawaii all for the cost of four lectures…yes, please. Sign me up!

Moana Surfrider

The conference was held at the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki. I spent the first four days of the trip at the conference and the last three days on a mini-vacation. Unfortunately, SMS couldn’t make it because of his own work. Plus, I also thought the conference wouldn’t be family-friendly but that’s because I didn’t closely examine the schedule. Now I know that I should definitely bring him for the entire trip and hopefully, that will be next year. Pleaseohplease, let me be invited as annual faculty! Although I’m pretty sure that the slots are rotated apart from the course organizers. But I will lobby hard!

My “hotel room” at Kaneohe Bay. Although distorted lens, look how close the beach is!!

Highlights of the trip included…

  • Four talks that went well (one 30 minutes, three 10 minutes)
  • A partial oceanview room at the conference hotel
  • Seeing a vestibular physical therapist I knew from residency
  • An amazing brunch at the Orchids at the Hale Kulani
  • Great lectures from fellow faculty (should be #1, haha)
  • A long-anticipated stay at Kaneohe Bay
  • An even longer anticipated visit to Doris Duke’s Shangri-La
  • An unexpectedly amazing visit to the Honolulu Art Museum
  • An incredible dinner at Senia with friends
  • Honestly, multiple delicious food experiences
View from the Chairman’s Suite during Happy Hour Sunset Social

4 thoughts on “Alllllloooooooooo-HA!”

  1. Can you take me with you next year?

    Those pictures look gorgeous and as I’m looking out at the GIANT mounds of snow in front of my window…the beach scenes are calling to me!!!

  2. Oh yay! You had to talk for an hour total, but I’m guessing you had to spend time listening to other people talk. So worth it to have time in gorgeous Hawaii! I’ve been 3 times now, 2 times in Waikiki and once in Maui. So lovely and warm and lovely (that’s 2 lovelies because it’s just true.) Glad you got to go, hope you get to go again.

    1. Yes, the conference was about 21 hours total. The talks were very interesting and honestly, it was easy to sit through because the weather wasn’t that great during the conference. Of course, “not that great” weather in Hawaii is still pretty nice!

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