June Wrap-Up

SMS and I in Tiburon at the Chiefs’ Roast

June was a great month! The absolute highlight was our 10th anniversary trip to Healdsburg with a big, splurgy stay at Singlethread. That will be in a separate post! We also had two work-related social events (mine), a weekend staycation in San Francisco, and dinner with friends.

The month started with a bagel breakfast trip to California Ave. An artist I follow on IG was selected for a mural installation. I saw her walking away as we approached so I didn’t get to fan girl. Oh well, it was cool to see a large project in progress

On California Ave, the Farmer’s Market is fun to walk through on Saturdays. Lots of booths, several musicians, and our favorite bagel place. On this particular Saturday, someone “busking for birds” captured our hearts!

We went to the chiefs’ roast dinner, which is hosted by one of my colleagues at his Tiberon home. He comes from wealth, which is slightly gauche to say but it’s true. There’s no way houses like that are bought on MD salaries in the Bay Area. The party was a lot of fun and very social. I was told it went pretty late, but we stayed until 10.

Later that weekend, we went on a hike at Windy Hill. I was on the lookout for the superbloom, which wasn’t quite happening but there were some pretty wildflowers.

We saw KT Tunstall at the Guild on 6/15, which was a great concert. She’s similar to Imogen Heap in that she does some mixing and looping throughout her show. It was excellent.

That weekend, we had a staycation in San Francisco. I used a combination of points, hotel credit, and some cash to stay two nights at the Fairmont. The black tie graduation event was on Friday. Mark and I stayed through Sunday morning and had a great weekend.

We walked a lot, which was a great way to become more familiar with the city. On Saturday, we walked towards Russian Hill with a downhill detour towards Washington Square in North Beach. Then we walked towards Ft. Mason and had lunch at Greens, which had a beautiful design and tasty food. By then, we were pretty pooped so we took a rideshare back to the hotel

The next day, we walked to Pac Heights/Fillmore Ave. We found the vertical garden on our way. We had a tasty Mediterranean lunch, although the place’s name is lost to me now.

That evening, we went to Zazie to use my gift card from Rip and Linda. It was a nice place and we had a delicious meal. It was a no-tip menu, which is fine.

I went to an Italian dessert cooking class that SMS had attended a few months back. I met a new friend and we’re going to start a book club together!

My longtime friend came up from San Diego with her husband, son, and her son’s waterpolo team. Waterpolo is a tough sport! The endurance and sprint mix is pretty insane. I endeared myself to the Del Mar team by yelling during a break that a certain numbered player on the LA team should stop punching opponents in the nuts. This apparently made the LA moms mad because apparently, they are nut-punching condoners. So weird. But guess what happened? The nut punching stopped. Win!

But seriously, the kid had done it to three Del Mar players which caused a lot of tears and one injury timeout. Like, wtf. It’s a 16 & under water polo game and the parents somehow think this ok because it helps their team win? Pardon the pun, but that seems pretty twisted.

SMS and I also saw Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at Frost Amphitheater. We met up with a colleague of mine and her family. It was pretty funny b/c before the concert, she had said that her two boys loved Jason Isbell. So, I thought they were total concert savants and would be really into the music and pay attention throughout. Yeah right. They tore around like two tornados because they were little kids who were not, at all, interested in the concert. By the end of the night, it seemed like my colleague and her husband were wishing they had made it a date night. But who knows, maybe the kids will remember the concert for the rest of their lives.

Finally, we had our longtime friends over for lunch. In contrast, their son is probably the most mature of the five of use. He’s been our sommelier for years and now, he’s graduated to grill master. It was such a fun pool and grill day.

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