Vacation ‘23, Day 10: Luxembourg City to Strasbourg

Il ne parle pas français

SMS and I went to a cafe for breakfast, which was quite delicious. However, SMS is a big fan of gluten and something got lost in translation.

Then, it was off to the train station towards Strasbourg! This promised to be a fun part of the trip because we were going to meet up with a colleague of SMS. It’s always nice to meet up with someone who actually lives where we’re visiting.

Le Grand Tigre. I sent this picture to Alex asking, “Où est-I’ll?”

We arrived at the train station, dropped our bags off at the hotel, and went to the bar across the street which Alex had recommended, Le Grand Tigre.

We were thirsty…

And hungry! We ordered two Tarte Flambée, one traditional savory and the other sweet honey orange. We also ordered a salad for the veggies and instead got the Alsatian version of an antipasti salad. It was a lot of cheese and sausage with a little lettuce.

Beautiful Strasbourg

We met up with Alex, who took us on a walking tour of the town. It was a really hot day and us temperature-delicate Californians barely hung in there, but it was a fantastic way to see the sights.

Protective knight

We saw a square named after the knight posted above it.

We saw an unexplored German ordinance (deactivated), lodged in the side of a hotel.


Then, we walked passed a secondary school that Alex hopes his son will go to because it looks like Hogwarts. (It’s also a very good school.)

Then, we walked through the university and had various departments’ buildings pointed out. It’s a beautiful university and very highly regarded. We walked with Alex to pick up his daughter and son at their two schools and then took the tram back to his car, where we parted ways.

No filter. Seriously!

On our way back to the hotel, we rounded the corner and saw the most amazing sight. The cathedral was spectacularly lit up by the setting sun.

Alex had given SMS and I some recommendations for where to eat. We decided to go to La Cloche for a cheese-based dinner. The restaurant was amazing- tasting boards, fondue, and table-side Raclette. So cool! It was not necessarily the best choice for two people after a long hot day, but we enjoyed it.

The incredible cheese dome!

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