European Vacation, Day 15/16: Lucerne

Our trip was approaching the end but there were two things to look forward: seeing a college friend in her hometown of Lucerne and BREZELKÖNIG!!!!

Ok, ok, it may seem like I love pretzels more than old friends, which is only true on the most superficial of levels. Brezelkönig is a Swiss pretzel chain that I think is delicious. I order the pumpkin seed pretzel every time I want a little piece of Heaven on Earth. On our way from Riequewihr to Lucerne, we had a transfer in Basel where we bought our first pretzel of the trip.

After our Basel pretzel stop/transfer, we arrived in Lucerne and took the 6 bus to my friend’s house. It was so wonderful to see her. We had the best time catching up. As the afternoon went on, she suggested going on a hike. Instead, I asked if we could go for a swim. She drove us to a nearby beach (Meggen?) and we went for the best swim! I love Swiss lakes and we had a great time.

After returning back to the apartment and freshening up, we went out to dinner with my friend and her older son. She had made a reservation at the Drei Könige restaurant. I had asked for a restaurant that was a little off the tourist track. The restaurant served delicious food, kind of a Swiss farm-to-table cuisine.

After dinner, we walked across the wooden bridge and towards the bus stop. It was really a perfect evening.

The next day, I felt great. The above is the dog, who is not necessarily a morning dog. My friend and I took a walk, which was really nice.

And then, it was time to go. The lovely thing about Swiss transportation is that even though we stayed in Lucern, it was easy and reliable to take a train to Zurich airport. The Zurich airport was a little confusing for the luggage check-in, which is not something we normally do but I wanted to bring home some hospital wine from Salzburg. So, next time, I would recommend a little more time at the airport which, trust me, I’m loathe to say. But there are often several security checks within European international flight terminals and we cut our timing a little on the close side. But on the upside, I did have another pumpkin seed pretzel on the way!

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  1. Oh that sleepy dog! What an amazing trip you had! Glad you had time with your friend, and pretzels, and hospital wine. I’ve never been to Switzerland, it looks amazing.

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