Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I love how just a few beautiful lights and familiar songs can cause a pleasant warmth of happiness. My toasty beverage- hello non-fat latte!- also helps, but overall I’m just so happy it’s Christmas.

I have my apartment slightly Christmas’d out. Some lights around the windows and a little, 8 inch Japanese conifer. It looks like a little tree. Two ornaments completely overwhelm it and it has an unfortunate similarity to a rosemary sprig when someone, ok me, forgets to water it.  I had slightly grander plans. I was going to get a foot and a half foot tall tree from Ikea, but ran out of motivation. When I thought about dragging a little tree around on the subway, it seemed tedious and very A Tree Grows in Brooklyn but less poignant.

I have two trips planned- one to Kyoto where we will see many a temple and a short visit to a Ryoken in the Hakone area. Hakone is supposed to be really beautiful with lots of different scenic treats, like a tram up the mountain, a boat across a lake, an extensive sculpture garden. And a Ryoken will be awesome- we’ll have a traditional kaseki meal for dinner where multiple small courses are brought into the room’s dining area. There’s also an onsen (hot tubs fed by natural hot springs) on site. Maybe it will even have a water slide like the last one I went to! That is definitely a story for another time, friends.

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