February Visit!

I am so excited! 1 week until Ed, Brady, Laddie and Karen come to visit. I came up with the following rough itinerary just to try and give a possible framework for their time here in Japan. The only thing I am slightly sad about is not having the whole time off, but it’s ok! I’m going to take the entire time my Mom’s here off, so I’ll go to Kyoto then and even see the cherry blossoms- AWESOME! Hopefully, the weather will be nice.

15 Feb: Karen, Ed and Brady arrive, almost at the same time
Yokohama night- Motomachi or Kannai(fun bar areas)

16 Feb: Laddie arrives
Meet Laddie in Tokyo- check out Akihabra, Shibuya, and Ropponggi

17 Feb: Tokyo Day! Fish market, river cruise to Asakusa, Harajuku
in the afternoon, Meiji shrine, Ometasando-dori with
the automatic wine dispenser bar and the awesome
French styled food court (but WAY nicer) at the train

18 Feb: Kamakura during the day, Yokosuka at night for

19 Feb: Hakone circuit (open-air museum, beautiful
scenery, Mt. Fuji views)

20 Feb: Imogen back to work
Tokyo Day or head to Kyoto

21 Feb: Kyoto

22 Feb: Kyoto

23 Feb: Nara or Osaka, return to Yokohama

24 Feb: Airport by 1600. Hang out in Yokohama during the day and go on the Ferris Wheel.

One thought on “February Visit!”

  1. ETA from memory cards:
    2/1: WA
    2/2: House-sitting, Super Bowl, Snow Storm
    2/10: Sumo Tournement
    2/14: Italian Dinner
    2/15: Half a.m. off, Brady and Karen arrive
    2/16: Sumo Retirement Ceremony, Ed and Laddie arrive
    2/17: Harajuku, Asakusa, Omotesando
    2/18: KHK, Kamakura, Karaoke
    2/19: Hakone/Open-Air Museum
    2/22: CA Wine Bar with Karen and Laddie
    2/23: Shibuya, Roppongi with Brady and Ed
    2/24: Yokohama Starbucks
    2/29: WA


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