Hello! I’m here!

I dropped off the face of bloggy-hood! I’m sorry! Can we still be friends? What?!?! Biggest fight ever? Let me see if I can explain…

So, Mom and I had an awesome trip! My lil’ Mac, not so much. I did something quite unfortunate during a software update and thought I had torched my computer (and worse, my pictures) in the process. I had to wait until I got back to the ship to reinstall Leopard and then we were underway. (BTW, pictures were saved!) The ship’s firewall does NOT like the cookie hungriness of blogger.com so I was blog update-less for weeks. Although now I’ve taken care of enough IT folks onboard that maybe I can get around that during our upcoming cruises. I will ask.

So, right now I REALLY need to be packing for Thailand since all I’ve done so far is make sure I know where my passport is. I’m meeting Sue in an hour and a half before we take the YCAT bus to Narita airport. I can’t wait. We’re going to Phuket for a couple of days. I can only go for a short while, since I need to be back for work. I have taken an insane amount of leave this year, so I have to play nicely with the other kids and come back so my boss can take a few days off.

But I will update! I have to write about the rest of my trip with Mom (awesome!) and being underway which, as all you Imogen fans out there know, included MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Kind of low-key but I got a few presents and Pepe and Sue had a huge pink and purple cake made for me. It was great. But more later! Must pack!

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  1. From memory cards-
    4/2: Underway birthday
    4/4: Return to Yokosuka
    4/5: Phuket, Tahiland
    4/28: HK
    4/28: JIA hotel, Times Square, Soho, Dinner @ Olive, Knutsford Terrace Hooka
    4/29: Lantau Island, Wine Shop, Lan Kwai Fung
    4/30: Sleep In, Maxims Dim Sum, Stanley Market, Highlights of the Night tour (Peak, dinner cruise Lang Kwai Fong
    5/1: Star Ferry Cruise, Man Mo Temple, Ladies Market, Tea @ Penninsula, Victoria Peak Dinner, Night Views
    5/2: Macau, Vivo Dinner, Cavern Dancing with Sue

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