Pardon the interruption…

Mom would like our daily mileage documented. Because I am mean and we are walking quite a bit with little sneaky hikes here and there.
Day 1 (Met at Yokosuka): 1/2 mile
Day 2 (Hakone): 3 miles
Day 3 (Tokyo): 5 miles…easily
Day 4 (Nikko): 3 miles, with lots of steps and hills!
Day 5 (Kyoto): 4 miles

But please!  Our days are ending with wine.  How hard a life can this be?

2 thoughts on “Pardon the interruption…”

  1. 3/3: Sea Trials
    3/8: Hakone
    3/9: Tokyo
    3/10: Nikko
    3/11: Kyoto
    3/12: Nara
    3/13: Kyoto, Osaka
    3/14: Hiroshima
    3/15: Nagoya Fertility Festival
    3/16: Yoyogi Picnic, Meiji Shrine, Mom leaves, Yokohama Starbucks
    3/17: WA BC
    3/18: Underway

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