Packout complete!

So, what do I do? I go to the Loft, the best store around, and pick up a few last minutes things that I’ve always wanted. Nice! Fill the house as soon as it’s emptied. Other than the Godzilla sized dust bunnies. The movers left those behind, curses! But it’s ok. I have lots of storage room on the ship *huge eyeroll*. At least I bought my coolest!bike!ever! prior to the packout. I love Japanese bicycles and now I own one. I am the kewlest!

I definitely cashed in my moving karma this a.m. so I better work on banking some up. The movers showed up at 0758 and the appliance guys arrived at 0858. So, by 11, I was done for the day (see: shopping note above). Best move ever! The two guys were pretty speedy and I tipped them so I think all my stuff should arrive. They won’t steal my Sponge Bob pinata or lifesize Elvis cutout as payment. Not that I think they would, but really, you can’t be too careful with such priceless items.

Among my purchases, I bought two “sake cups,” which are little glasses of sealed sake. There are the funniest pandas on them with very peculiar, doesn’t-seem-very-panda-more-anteater-but-then-again-I’ve-only-seen-pandas-from-afar-at-the-zoo snouts. Longest made up adjective string ever!

But have you ever bought something “cute” or carried something *super* necessary that became much less positively superlative the longer you carried it? Yeah, that was me and the panda cups. But I stuck it out. And now they’re in my empty apartment, save me, a bunch of trash I need to sort (gack! Japanese recycling laws, dame!), and my new purchases.

Pictures tomorrow. Indeedy. I love the surfing pics. And I will share with you. Only because you asked so nicely!

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