Sayonara minus 2

Good-bye Yokohama! I finished cleaning the apartment yesterday. I paid the final bills between 1300-1500, then met with the agent and landlord rep at 3 o’clock. The timeliness of it all was amazing. I love the narrow time frames- forget the “morning” or “afternoon” options you get in the States! Not that I am a States hata’ after this brief Japan interlude. There are just a lot of things I appreciate and/or will miss. But I’m on my way to residency, which in a way is where I’ve wanted to be all along.

After the apartment close-out frenzy, I went to Kamakura and bought some more beautiful things at the paper shop, continuing my trend of using the KH as my own personal moving van. Tomorrow I have off and I’m planning on going to Nikko. I would love to see it in the sunlight as opposed to the mist I saw it in with Mom. Although it was beautiful then, I think the gold leaf in the sunlight will be amazing. So, fingers crossed! Or I could just check the weather report.

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