Lunch Lady Land!

Lychee, plain yogurt! Lychee, plain yogurt. Navy bean, navy bean!

Hmmm, rip-offs of Adam Sandler “Lunch Lady” songs do not work so well when typed out but in my head? It sounds awesome.

So, over the last 20 minutes, I have INHALED a delicious amount of plain/lychee swirl from the local fro-yo shop. It is amazingly delicious. And I even had some gummy bears and mochi. Delicious! Even though I am slightly mad at a vegetarian friend who indirectly reminded me that it all comes from horses. GROSS!

I looked like my usual cosmopolitan, sophisticated self when I asked the lady, “Is it lee-chee or lee-key?” She said, “It’s lie-chee.” Awesome. Yet another word I have completely butchered the pronunciation. It’s like a curse, really. My pronunciation is HORRIBLE. I know a lot of words from reading and when I pronounce them, guaranteed, I pronounce it incorrectly. It’s a little embarrassing. What good is it to know a lot of fancy-pants big doctor words if I sound like a complete ignoramus when I use them. It makes me sound like a person who would, say for example, make the screen turn to black consistently when trying to view CT scans during pre-op conferences. What, wait, that’s me too? *Sigh* I can’t get away with anything! You’re the sharpest pencil, yes you are!

But, regardless of the pronunciation, the yogurt was delicious. Now, I’m going to read a few articles before heading to bed. I’m on call again and hopefully I won’t have any calls but that’s doubtful. Either way, it’s ok because I had an awesome nap for about an hour this evening. I felt quite tired today because even though I can swing it with reduced sleep, multiple days in a row is quite wearing. I’ll catch up tomorrow for sure.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Lady Land!”

  1. Wait a minute…I was lied to! I thought it was lee-chee (see option one in my question). Hmmm, maybe eating frozen yogurt makes her secretly grumpy since all she wants is a Cold Stone Creation. That, or I just forgot how she said it and once again, made things up. I need a little man to confirm my pronunciation. He could be pocket-sized and I can name him Weebel, a sufficiently dorky name for a person with perfect pronunciation.

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