Ok, time to get serious. It’s grand rounds time bay-bee and I need to create the best! presentation! ever! Ok, maybe not but I am working hard this weekend to avoid embarrassing myself and the family name at grand rounds this Friday. But I think it’ll be ok b/c I’m really excited about my topic and while doing my lit search, I came across some surprising findings that I think will make the talk a little more interesting than a simple topic review.

But…I need to focus! I’m doing ok, but it’s been a little while since I’ve given a talk and there are so many other exciting things to do. Like laundry. Making coffee. Going to a 3 year old’s birthday party, which I just came back from. The residency here has so many people with little kids that most of the get-togethers involve grown-ups arranging their social time to coincide with their kids. Which is cool. Little kids are super cute and the whole crying thing? I don’t really have to deal with it!

But now, it’s Saturday afternoon, power-point presentation time. I can’t wait until the talk is over because then, I’m only a week away from an East Coast family reunion! I’m so excited! I love when the six of us are together. And Mom and Dad have something up their sleeves for Friday so I’m sure it’ll be a treat. Thanksgiving is going to be at Grandpa’s place, sans Grandpa. Just the house. It’ll be like old times since B and I will get to share a room. I just hope I’m not too much of an old lady. “It’s 10, I’m sleeeee-py!” That would be a total sleepover Debbie Downer move.

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