So, do want one of these one day?

Have you ever met a person who, while superficially socially capable, gives off a slight air of a.) awkward b.) odd c.)off or d.) all of the above? This weekend I was up in Del Mar (BEAUTIFUL, I wish I could live there sans 22 miles from work) for the toddler birthday party. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I had a nice time and the kids! They are so cute!

But during a space out moment, I heard “So, do you want one of these one day?” Thinking someone was talking to a kiddo, I remained my preoccupied self. Again, “So, do you want one of these one day?” Still zoned. Finally, this guy whom I had just met a few minutes prior is holding his gorgeous little girl and repeated the question. Oh! He’s talking to me! And, I’m sorry, who are you to be asking? And are you offering your daughter or (god forbid) you to help with my Sad Single Sallyhood? Well, thank you very much good sir, but I’ll have you know that I am currently the owner of zero cats so my situation isn’t that dire yet.

Of course, I’m sure he was just trying to strike up conversation and perhaps offer advice along the lines of “Well, you won’t find your dream guy there,” when I told him I lived in Hillcrest. Hmmm, answer to the quiz above? D. Definitely D.

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