I’m in escrow, a state of being that I didn’t even knew existed until about 2 weeks ago! A little background? Let me explain…

So, even though I’m in a sweet roomie situation right now, I decided that since I’m going to be in SD for awhile and I still get a free move from the government (read: all my stuff is still in storage), I decided that I wanted to get my own little space that I could move my stuff into and stay awhile. And experience the joys of homeownership, I guess.

I looked on Craigslist and found a really cute cottage-like condo about a mile from where I currently live and three miles from work. These units were totally redone in 2007 and I thought one was particularly awesome so…I went for it!

Yesterday was the house inspection by Mac the Inspextor. Just kidding about the X, he spelled it correctly. He was pretty impressed with the work that went into the house. The completely redone wiring is an especially nice touch since most conversions don’t have new electric since it’s rather expensive. After the inspection, Mike and I went over even more documents regarding contingencies, etc. Mike is my realtor. If you’re ever in SD, I definitely recommend him.

Also, another nice thing is that I feel karmically harmonic since I’m getting place that isn’t empty due to someone else’s misfortune. Well, actually, the investors apparently lost their shirts in the whole complex deal but I don’t feel too badly for them unlike a little cute family, for example.

Other events from the weekend:
* Call: My white-cloud incident-free call weekends were definitely a thing of the past this weekend. Two cases added for Monday and two admissions. I’m glad I don’t have any gen surg friends who read this as they would be crying so many buckets of tears for me, they’d turn into little raisins.

* Office Christmas Party: It was fun. We had it at our department head’s house, which was beautiful and well-decorated. It was a lot of fun. I love parties with lots of mingling although sometimes I feel I leave some conversations more gracefully than others. Like if I see something bright and shiny? Forget it, I’m done.

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