East Coast Holiday!

So, I’m not even sure if anyone reads the blog anymore since my own Dad asked, “Is your blog still on the web anymore?” It ended up he was typing in the wrong address and getting some trade journal. But still, further proof that my life was way cooler to write about when I was in Japan.

But I still get to take vacations so maybe once every 3 months, I will seem cool. And also! The second week in January will be San Diego restaurant week so I will (hopefully) have lots of updates then although I don’t exactly see myself taking the foodie blogger route. Unless I get a sweet site design. And start eating more interesting food. Although I love to cook and I like many different types of food, it’s hard to find a dish I love so much I can eat it for several days straight. For example, my pumpkin/black bean soup was delicious but a little too black-beany after 5 days of it for lunch. If that makes sense.

So, I just got back from an awesome Thanksgiving holiday. I went up to Newport and walked part of the Cliff Walk, including the 40 Steps. I also checked out a little bit more of the town, which was cute since I love New England villages. I even saw the Naval Academy (1861-1864), Newport-style when the Middies were shipped up to RI to protect them from the Confederates.

After a too-short visit in RI, I headed down to NJ to spend Thanksgiving with my family + Brady’s nice boyfriend. Thanksgiving dinner was AWESOME, despite my best efforts to over-citrify the creamed spinach with ~4x the amount of lemon juice required. And my Thanksgiving sandwich two days later was amazing. Why did I wait two days, you ask? Because on Friday, we went into the city for an awesome Broadway show/dinner combo. We saw Boeing, Boeing, a love quadrangle comedy featuring a 1960s suave man trying to juggle 3 fiances that are all flight attendants flying in and out of Paris. Guess what doesn’t work out too well over the course of the play?

Then we went to the Rainbow Room for dinner, which was amazing. The view is incredible and the visibility that night was perfect. It’s funny, I thought New York was taller than it is. We were on the 64th floor and over most of the buildings, although the density of the buildings is unbelievable. Don’t get me wrong, they are still towering and huge at street level. I think I still had my child’s view of NYC as having buildings that, literally, scraped the sky. I’ve only been to New York a handful of times so I guess that’s why I’ve kept my younger self’s perception for so long.

I came back Sunday night and now I’m back at work. I’m so excited for the holiday season. Joe is visiting later in the month so I’ll still have family around on Christmas. Maybe he can help me adjust to California weather + Christmas!

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