Throughout the course of the day, I am lucky enough to be on the receiving end of multiple coughs, sprays, and gleaks ( This is the understandable consequence of not only looking into multiple oral cavities a day, but also sticking little wooden sticks inside as well as the occasional needle. It is, quite frankly, disgusting.

BUT! I accept it. Oh yes, the embodiment of the serenity prayer, that’s me. But one thing that I have noticed lately is that my chief resident, who is frequently sick with some sort of URI, has been coughing without covering his mouth! Gross! Especially when walking behind him (read: downwind).

Monday, I told him he was doing that, which he promptly denied and told me to tell him the next time he did it. So 10 minutes later, there it was. Various excuses have been crafted over the last 48 hours to include:

* You know, sometimes I get that throat tickle and I just can’t move my hands fast enough.

* I did not!

* Ok, that was once.

And my favorite…

*But I just sterilized my hands.

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