Hmmm, how do you spell. “PU!” Maybe periods would help, but then where would the exclamation point go? Either way, if you could hear me, I am saying something that sounds like (pee-you). Because my room is stinky!

Oh, ha ha! You’re hilarious. Ok, fine, I left that door wide open. But in all seriousness, it’s not me, it’s my closet. When I first moved in, there was a yellow-ish watermark that I really didn’t pay too much mind to after determining over the course of the first week that it wasn’t spreading. But after crazy rain two weeks ago, the yellow is now green and I smell…MOLD!!!

Now, I have a very sensitive nose for bad smells. Last night, for example, I had to move to the other side of Joe b/c the guys who sat next to me had fleeces that stank of stale beer and cigarettes (at the last second! And there weren’t any other convenient seats, curses! I mean for me. They could have sat in the front row for all I cared, stinky late guys!). And now my room smells. I’m glad I’m moving because mold can be toxic (!), although I don’t think this kind is. But I have to tell my roomie. Super stat. As soon as she gets back from her (extended) family holiday trip to Minnesota.

As for moving, it is coming along s-l-o-w-l-y. Stupid escrow and their dawdling ways in mid-December, followed by, “Oops, it’s the holidays. Later!” Cross your fingers for Wednesday!

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