I re-read the most beautiful testament to love last night: On Alice by Calvin Trillin. It’s a thin book that almost overflows with all the stories not told but what does shine through is his absolute, complete and beautiful love that he had for his wife Alice.

I love the shared experience of love. Whether it’s the love I’m lucky enough to have in my own life or in some way share in another’s life, I think it’s a pretty awesome, amazing and lucky thing!

Usually love is a pretty positive thing. Assuming it’s the real thing unlike, say, listening to Alanis Morisette and willing the phone to ring which may or may not have happened in my life circa 1996.

But positivity! Yes, that! It’s a nice mindset and one I’d like to be in when I write in this blog. I feel like the first blog posts are always a little meta, but I hope to celebrate beautiful things, even if that joy encompasses everything from the deepest emotion to the superficiality of enjoying a truly brain-drain magazine like People. Although if you must know, I’m more of an US woman myself. Stars…they’re just like US!

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